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Release Notes

MyQ Print Server 10.2

  • Minimum required support date: 1st of April 2023

  • Minimum required version for upgrade: 8.2

10.2 RC 2

16 August, 2023



  • PHP version downgraded to 8.2.6. PHP was crashing in some cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Not possible to edit user on Site Server.

  • Easy Fax appears as a destination of Easy Scan panel operation.

  • User synchronization could result with errors if the source contained invalid values.

  • Parsing of some PDF files fails because of unknown font.

  • HP finishing options not correctly applied in some cases.

  • In specific cases, zero counter can be read from HP Pro device, leading to negative counters accounted to *unauthenticated user.

  • User synchronization takes more time than in previous MyQ versions.

  • License plan of License widget contains label "EDITION".

  • LDAP user synchronization page is not responding in Firefox browser.

Device Certification

  • Corrected toner reading values of Epson WF-C879R.

  • Added support for Sharp Luna devices.

  • Added support for Ricoh Pro 83x0

10.2 RC 1

27 July, 2023


  • Users now do not need to retype the authorization code manually when connecting a new cloud storage. Same for Gmail connection created by administrators.

  • Added unique session identifiers to replication data to prevent differences in accounting data between Sites and Central.

  • PHP upgraded to version 8.2.8.

  • Improved look of new HTML emails. Footer text in emails now can be translated.

  • Added options for behavior of PINs and Cards synchronization from LDAP same way as in CSV synchronization.

  • API Added option to execute reports over REST API for external integrations.

Bug Fixes

  • When user deletes all their own ID Cards on Site Server, it is not propagated to Central Server.

  • User interaction script can not be saved.

  • Some Project reports are available with Job privacy enabled.

  • Some documents are parsed and showing as B&W on Terminal but are printed and accounted as color.

  • Site Server's print service crashes when Job roaming jobs are requested for deleted user.

  • Scanning to OneDrive Business - insufficient user consents.

  • Refresh token for Exchange Online expires due to inactivity despite of the system being actively used.

  • Page-Range PDF cannot be read by Adobe Reader and causing Ricoh device to restart itself.

  • Missing Scan and Fax columns in report Projects – User Session details.

  • It is possible to save empty email destination for Log Notifier rules.

  • Invalid SMTP port configuration (same port for SMTP and SMTPS) prevents MyQ Server from receiving print jobs.

  • In some cases printer cannot be activated with SQL error "Malformed string".

  • Entering an invalid email when editing user account via Terminal Action displays incorrect error message.

  • Document with multiple paper sizes (i.e. A3+A4) is printed on only one size (i.e. A4).

  • Credit account type is not translated.

  • Cloud service name missing in Connect dialogue.

  • Punching on Canon's CPCA job is not applied upon release of job.

  • Booklet stapled on Ricoh device is stapled on the wrong place in some cases.

Device Certification

  • Canon model lines Kodaimurasaki, Tawny, Azuki, Cornflower blue, Gamboge and Ghost white added for embedded terminal support.

  • Added support for Toshiba e-STUDIO65/9029A.

  • Added support for Ricoh IM C20/25/30/35/45/55/6010 (requires Embedded version RTM).

  • Added duplex counter for NRG SP C320.

  • Added embedded terminal support for Canon iR-ADV C3922/26/30/35.

10.2 BETA 2

29 June, 2023


  • NEW FEATURE Possible to set admin username and password for printers via CSV import, allowing the import of these credentials in bulk.

  • NEW FEATURE Widget "Updates" was added on the admin's Dashboard. When a new version of MyQ or Terminal patch is released, administrators will see the update as available.

  • Printer Status Check now checks also coverage counters, allowing them to be included in reports (for devices where applicable).

  • Page range setting on PDF print files is achieved by incremental update instead of PJL command, improving support across devices.

  • Added support for newer authentication protocols for SNMP v3 (SHA2-224, SHA2-256, SHA2-384, SHA2-512).

  • Health check will warn the administrator if their database is using a page size of 8KB instead of 16KB which may affect the performance. Page size can be increased by backing up and restoring the database.

  • Installation via Printer Discovery initiated by the Embedded Terminal is now supported (requires to be also supported by the Embedded Terminal).

  • Added support for Romanian language.

  • User rights changes are logged to Audit log.

  • Web UI accessed over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS (except when accessing localhost) for improved security.

  • Propagation of changes between Sites when their settings change on Central improved.

  • Certificates in PHP updated.

  • PHP updated to v8.2.6.


  • Removed support for GPC file format in Bulk credit recharge.

  • Renamed "Local Print Spooling" to "Device Spooling" is Settings (to unify and more easily distinguish different functions).

  • Removed Terminal Manager (Terminal Manager was used for older version of terminals which are no longer supported).

  • The default runtime of scheduled tasks changed to prevent them from running at the same time.

  • Attempt of reading printer's OID which is not available is logged as Debug message instead of Warning.

Bug Fixes

  • Delegates of user groups are not synchronized from Central Server.

  • Some rows could be skipped during replication on a Site that had active user sessions, causing inconsistencies in reports.
    NOTE: Site 10.2 BETA is now incompatible with Central Server 10.2 BETA 2 due to differences in communication during replications. Upgrade of the Site to 10.2 BETA 2 is required."

  • Job files of not replicated jobs to Central Server are never deleted.

  • Unclear error message on the Terminal when a user without scan destination uses an Easy Scan action.

  • Credit tab in User detail cannot be accessed (Web Server Error).

  • Creating LDAP synchronization with unreachable domain causes Web Server Error.

  • Not possible to use License manual activation.

  • Missing Secure flag in Cookies.

  • Sign in with Microsoft does not work in the Mobile Client when the server was added via Application proxy URL.

  • Emails viewed in Outlook are missing line breaks and other small fixes.

Device Certification

  • Added support for Ricoh M C251FW.

  • Added support for Canon iR-ADV 6855.

  • Added support for Canon iR-ADV C255 and C355.

  • Added support for Ricoh P C600.

  • Added support for Ricoh P 800.

  • Added support for OKI B840, C650, C844.

  • Added support for Sharp MX-8090N and terminal 8.0+ support for MX-7090N.

  • Corrected copy, simplex and duplex counters of HP M428.

  • Added support for Brother DCP-L8410CDW.

  • Added support for Canon MF832C.

10.2 BETA

31 May, 2023


  • The default minimum TLS version has been increased to version 1.2.


  • NEW FEATURE Option in Easy Config to import only settings from the Database backup file lets administrators to use one server as a template for deploying multiple servers.

  • NEW FEATURE Print Server now collects more information about connected devices such as Embedded SDK version and platform. Details can be optionally displayed on the Printers page in the MyQ Web Interface. NOTE: Must also be supported by the Embedded Terminals.

  • NEW FEATURE New user's attribute "Alternate email" allows the administrator to add multiple email addresses to a user. If enabled by the administrator, users can submit jobs from these emails and use them as a scan destination.

  • NEW FEATURE New connector "External Storage API" can be used to connect an API adapter. This way, new scan destinations not natively supported by MyQ can be integrated.

  • NEW FEATURE Administrators can now automatically connect users synchronized from Azure AD to their OneDrive storage if they set up an Azure application with sufficient permissions as per documentation. Users will not have to individually log in to the MyQ Web User Interface to connect their OneDrive account.

  • Traefik updated to version 2.10.

  • OpenSSL updated to version 3.1.0.

  • PHP updated to version 8.2.5.

  • Apache updated to version 2.4.57.

  • Possible to use original print properties (job properties "Do not change") of the job for Easy Print.

  • Outgoing emails sent to MyQ users, e.g. emails with scanned documents, have been redesigned to look better than before.

  • Design of the login page users can see when logging in MyQ Desktop Client and MyQ X Mobile Client is improved. NOTE: Applies if the client application supports the new login experience (currently MyQ X Mobile Client 10.1 and higher)

  • Added support for accounting of IPP jobs on Epson with embedded terminal. Jobs were accounted to *unauthenticated user.

  • LPR server is now able to receive jobs with unknown sizes. This means that spooling a job to MyQ via a Windows driver should no longer require LPR Byte Counting enabled.

  • Purchased Assurance Plan is displayed on the Dashboard of the MyQ Web Interface.

  • Job Preview is now generated in higher image quality.

  • Canon CPCA jobs support watermarks and orientation.

  • Support for release parameter "Page range" was added, allowing Terminals supporting this parameter to show selection of pages of the document to be printed.

  • Possible to synchronize user's multiple email addresses. Attributes for email address needs to be separated by semicolon and all next email addresses are imported as alternate email address.

  • Saved OneDrive Business connector can be edited or re-authorized from the context menu, allowing to change application credentials without deleting and creating a new connector.

  • New "Automatic" way of setting up an OneDrive Business connector introduced. It does not require creating an Azure application manually. Instead, MyQ's preconfigured application can be added on the tenant. Users are automatically connected to their OneDrive storage, meaning they do not have to do so manually in the MyQ Web User Interface.

  • Minimum TLS version configured for MyQ communication is visible on the Network page in Settings.

  • Newly added option to enable Delete a file for Easy Print and Easy Scan cloud storages. NOTE: Must be supported by the cloud storage type, currently available for External Storage destinations.

  • If you modify settings in the MyQ Web Interface and forget to save them, MyQ will now remind you about that.


  • TERMINALS Removed support for all remaining Embedded Terminals version 7. If you are affected by this change, upgrade the installed Terminals to, at least, version 8.

  • Minimal supported version of Windows Server is 2016.

  • Following features were deprecated: SQL Server as user synchronization source, custom user synchronization source, schedulable external commands via Task Scheduler, editable username during self-registration, and SQL filtering for reports.

  • Removed support for API v1. Use at least API v2 in your integrations with MyQ.

  • Removed support of old terminal packages using API v1.

  • Removed “Recharge Credit (on a terminal attached to a printer)” credit recharge option.

  • Removed Custom data processing from Queue settings.

  • Removed support for license keys. Not possible to upgrade to 10.2 when license keys are being used.

  • Removed SW Lock via SNMP.

  • Removed secondary terminal.

  • Removed credit account type "Managed by the printer". Note that after upgrade, all existing credit accounts of this type will be deleted.

  • Removed the possibility to set Custom destination with PHP processing.

  • Removed "MyQ SMTP Server" option for receiving jobs via Email. Jobs can still be received from external mailboxes connected to MyQ in Settings - Network - Connections.

  • User's email address is handled as a unique parameter (two or more users can no longer have the same email address).

  • Replaced UDP communication for MDC with WebSockets (Requires MDC 10.2).

  • User's scan storage now does not accept email addresses, only valid storage paths.

Bug Fixes

  • Aliases are incorrectly escaped in exported users CSV file.

  • Some internal tasks (which take less that few seconds) can be executed twice instead of only once.

Device Certification

  • Added support for Epson WF-C529RBAM.

  • Added support for Kyocera PA4000 and MA4000.

  • Added support for Konica Minolta Bizhub 367.

  • Added support for Sharp BP-70M75/90.

  • Added simplex/duplex counters for Ricoh SP C840.

  • Added support for Sharp MX-C407 and MX-C507.

  • Added support for Brother MFC-L2710dn.

  • Added support for Canon iR C3125.

Component Versions

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Apache SSL

Server SSL




C++ Runtimes



MyQ Print Server 10.2 RC 2

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages may require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0


MyQ Print Server 10.2 RC 1

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages may require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0


MyQ Print Server 10.2 BETA 2

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages may require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0


MyQ Print Server 10.2 BETA

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages may require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0


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