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Job Archiving

With a dedicated Job Archiving license and the Jobs Preview feature set up on the MyQ server, you can automatically archive all print jobs that are sent to MyQ. On selected brands of printing devices, you can also archive all copy and scan jobs.

This way you can have full control over what has been printed, scanned and copied within your printing environment, which can be required for example in high security areas in order to be able to identify sources of data leaks.

For information on how to acquire the Job Archiving license, please contact the MyQ Sales department.

Setting up job archiving

The feature is not part of the default setup of the MyQ server and before the Job archiving license is added to the server, the settings of the feature on the MyQ Web Interface are hidden from the administrator.

After you add the licenses, you can set up the feature on the Jobs settings tab, in the Job archiving section.

You can enable or disable the feature and change the Archive folder, where the jobs are archived (by default it is the Archive sub-folder of the MyQ data folder).

In the Resolution drop-down, you can choose 72 (default), 100, 200, 300, or 200 DPI.

In the Page range drop-down, you can choose All (default), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Jobs archiving settings

Viewing archived jobs

 The jobs are stored in subfolders of the Archive folder, each of these sub-folders has the form:
YYYY-MM-DD-XXXX, where the front part informs about the date when the sub-folder was created, while the number at the last part serves to sort sub-folders created in the same day.

In the subfolders, you can find two files for each of the printed, copied or scanned jobs:

  • a PDF file with the preview of the job

  • an XML file with basic information about the job, such as the type of the job or the username of the printing user.

Archive folder example
The job's data shown in the XML file


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