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Job Parser

An embedded print job parser is a part of the MyQ system. This tool provides you with additional information about individual print jobs.

Based on those, you can set additional print job rules, or control the job price before a job is printed. This is important, especially for credit accounting and quotas.

The job parser supports the majority of available printer drivers in PCL5, PCL6 and PostScript.

The job parser provides the following information:

  • page description language (PDL) - A page description language (PDL) is a language that describes the appearance of a printed page. It receives a code of a document sent to a printing device, interprets it and uses it to instruct the printing device where and how to place text and graphics onto the print page. The most common page description languages are PCL5, PCL6 (XL) and PostScript.

  • job name

  • user name

  • number of B&W pages

  • number of color pages

  • number of copies

  • Simplex/Duplex option

  • paper format

  • staple

  • punch

  • toner saving

The job parser is activated by default on the Jobs settings tab during a new installation. An upgrade will keep the old setting.

There are three available Job parsing modes:

Job parser settings

  • Basic (lower CPU usage) - This method doesn't estimate the number of mono and color pages.

  • Standard (default option) - The standard parsing method will be used to estimate the number of monochrome and color pages. This method is optimal for most office documents.

  • Enhanced (higher CPU usage) - Every page of the document will be rendered and estimated as monochrome or color based on the rendered data. This method is recommended when printing complex PostScript or PDF documents and facing inaccuracy in the Standard job parsing method.

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