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MyQ Embedded Terminals

An interface installed on the control panel of the printing device, embedded terminals simplify the operation of the device's basic functions and provide access to original MyQ features, such as one-tap copying or scanning to cloud destinations.

Embedded Terminals are a key element of the MyQ ecosystem as users interact with them on a daily basis.



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What the MyQ Printer Applications Family Offers

Every business wants to reduce costs, save time on repetitive tasks, and use a sustainable eco-friendly system. This can be daunting since business processes and internal daily office routines require optimization.

So, what’s the most efficient way to enhance your business while keeping life at the office simple? According to Quocirca, a significant proportion of larger organizations spend quite a significant amount of time waiting for technical issues to be resolved after a data breach(1). One solution to tackle this is to use a Managed Printing System (MPS), and MyQ is an ideal choice.

Video: The Multibrand Pick for your Fleet

Unify your Printing Ecosystem

Firstly, MyQ allows you to blend a multi-vendor installation into one sustainable printing ecosystem that can be managed centrally from one access point.

If your office has printers from different vendors and you struggle with native applications or varying complementary services provided by these vendors - we have the solution.

This approach can help to reduce the costs of supporting multiple Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions from different providers which can pose a problem when scaling your business.

Ready to print jobs on a MyQ Epson Embedded terminal

Ready to print jobs on a MyQ HP Embedded terminal

Promote Document Security

Logging in with MyQ Embedded Terminals guarantees secure authorization.

Secondly, MyQ contributes to maintaining your security.

Errors made by employees (that include accidental access to someone’s data left in a multi-functional device) still present a high concern in the modern workplace.

The average cost of a print-related data breach can be up to £743k (2), which can be easily avoided if an end-user can't access another user's latest printed documents or scans because they simply can't log in to another user's account.

Elevate Interaction with Devices

Thirdly, MyQ Embedded Terminals strives to enhance the simplicity of each multi-functional printer (MFP) use.

The simplified look and feel of the application save the end-user’s time - up to 17 hours per year - on cumbersome native MFP workflows.

The MyQ terminal application takes the best that a particular MFP vendor has in store for its end-users.

There's no need to search for a way to perform the same workflow on a new device, our team has already figured it out and converted it to a convenient and easy-to-use workflow.

More than 70% (3) of organizations say that they will remain reliant on printing for their business operation, so why not save you and your company’s time and choose a reliable partner such as MyQ?

(1) Quocirca, The Print Security Landscape, May 2023. Securing the print infrastructure amidst a growing threat

(2) Quocirca, Print Security Landscape, 2023. Trends and opportunities for securing the hybrid workplace.

(3) Quocirca, Print Security Landscape, 2023. Trends and opportunities for securing the hybrid workplace.


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