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External Storage API

The External Storage API connection allows the integration of external applications that act as an API gateway into MyQ, to add support for new cloud or network storages.

Example usage

  1. A third-party application uses their own storage.

  2. An API gateway is developed and installed on a server.

  3. In MyQ, a connector is created and pointed at this application.

  4. The API gateway understands and maps API calls from one service (MyQ) to the other (e.g. remote file storage).

Connection details

To configure an external storage MyQ:

  1. Log in to the MyQ web administrator interface, and go to MyQ, Settings, Connections.

  2. Click +Add and select External Storage API.

  3. In the pop-up window, fill in the required information, and click OK:

    1. Title - a title for your external storage.

    2. URL - URL where the application is listening

    3. Login - the username used for authentication

    4. Password - the password used for authentication

Your newly added external storage can now be used as a destination in the Easy Scan and Easy Print terminal actions, when setting up these actions you can enable or disable the option for users to delete files in storage from the terminal.

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