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MyQ Desktop Client tab

On the MyQ Desktop Client tab of each queue, you can set up accounting options and employ PHP scripts to set up interaction with MyQ users via dialog boxes displayed in MyQ Desktop Client on their computer.

MyQ Desktop Client tab in queue properties

If you have any form of accounting enabled (Credit, Quota, Projects), the Accounting section is visible and you can modify the settings for newly created queues. If accounting options are disabled, the section is not visible. If you disable any form of accounting and then re-enable it, the settings in the MDC tab are remembered.

  • Mark the Ask for project checkbox if you want users to select projects before printing a job.

  • Mark the Ask for payment account (credit, quota, cost center) checkbox if you want users to select a payment account before printing a job (enabled by default).

For more information, check the MyQ Desktop Client guides.

In the User interaction section, you can enable User interaction (described in User Interaction Scripting), add the script in the field, and click Save.

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