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Easy Scan and Document Workflows

Document capture and OCR are essential features of modern document management solutions. They allow you to digitize your paper documents and store them in the cloud or on your network, making them easier to access and share.

MyQ Scan Management provides the unique feature of scanning profiles. The look and function of the embedded terminal action buttons can be easily pre-configured. A scanning profile is then represented with an Easy Scan button on the Embedded Terminal. This means that in a few clicks, your documents are scanned, processed, and ready where you need them.

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Document Capture with Easy Scan

Easy Scan on the Embedded Terminals plays a pivotal role in setting up an accessible and simple scanning workflow. It allows automation of commonly used scanning workflows from start to finish. Each button may have a different function, one or multiple and/or predefined scan parameters, and one or more destinations.

Benefits for End Users

One-click Scanning

No complicated and cluttered screens, seemingly endless dialogues, or hidden fields that appear only after you click Yes. At MyQ, we’re part of the fight against bad user experience.

Easy Scan can be fully configured by an administrator so that it does exactly what’s needed and no more.
Just one click and the digitized document is delivered.

Predefined Lists (aka Code Books)

The embedded screens on scanning devices can be confusing, cluttered, and frustrating. For this reason, when implementing simple scanning workflows, it’s a great idea to have as many options as possible predefined, with no need to edit settings at the last moment.

With MyQ, it is possible to attach ready-to-use predefined Code Books with various types of data – the emails of colleagues, projects, scan destinations, processing profiles, etc. anything that should be selected to indicate where and how the scan is processed, or how it should be categorized.

Users can additionally maintain their own Address Book with email addresses and fax numbers, which provides a simple and ready-to-use list of scan destinations.

Personalized and Intuitive

Users can send documents to their Home folder, work storage destinations, or personal cloud storage, and any other local or network folder – depending on which destination types have been enabled by the administrator.

Since these locations are usually secured by passwords or other forms of authentication, users can connect their scan destinations on the MyQ Web Interface and have them ready for later use.

If the user attempts to scan to a destination they have not yet connected (for example their Dropbox), MyQ will send them an email through which they can connect the storage and their document will be delivered as expected.

Benefits for Administrators

Easy Setup and Personalization

Configuration in the MyQ Web Admin Interface is straightforward and only needs to be performed once for all connected devices with Embedded Terminals.

Easy Scan buttons can be set for specific printers or displayed for everyone, certain departments, or only selected users. Everyone will see exactly what they need, and no more.

In addition, MyQ can be used to limit users’ access to the default device panel functions.

One Interface across all Devices

Easy Scan actions look and behave the same on all devices equipped with Embedded Terminals in your fleet. This reduces the time and cost of training people in your organization on how to use copiers and their scanning functions.

However, users still only see options supported on the particular device they are using, which prevents any confusion. This can significantly reduce IT & support tickets your users may raise due to a simple lack of knowledge.

Secure Data - Delivered Directly

Simplifying your scanning workflows is great, but ultimately, they still need to enforce security you can rely on.

MyQ allows you to transfer data securely and under encryption. The data are delivered from MyQ directly to your storage. No intermediary steps are involved in which your information could go astray.

At MyQ we understand that data is often the most valuable asset an organization holds and protecting it should be everyone’s goal.

Ultimate scanning with MyQ X Ultimate

On top of the Easy Scan options already available with an Enterprise license, you can upgrade to the Ultimate document capture experience.

Your organization can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Advanced & zonal OCR

  • Reading barcodes and QR codes

  • Recognition and processing of form data

  • Advanced PDF features such as secure signing

All this is thanks to the integration with ScannerVision, a capture & processing solution packed with features enhancing OCR, process automation, workflows, and PDFs.

Video: How to Scan with MyQ

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