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General Settings

In the General settings tab. you can set the administrator email, time zone, default and additional languages, currency, and the column delimiter in CSV files.

General Settings tab

  • Administrator email: The administrator email receives important system messages (disk space checker warnings, license expiration, etc.) automatically sent from MyQ.

  • Time zone: For the proper functioning of the MyQ system, make sure that the time zone set here is the same as the time zone set in the Windows operating system. After changing the time zone, you will be asked to restart the web server.

  • Default Language: The default language setting determines the language (list of available languages) of all emails that are automatically sent from MyQ and the language used on all connected terminals and interactive readers.

  • Additional languages: You can set additional languages that will be used for custom fields. This way you can enter different names of the fields to be used in different languages.

  • Currency: In the currency setting, you can enter the 3-letter currency code of the currency that you want to use in your pricelist.

    • The Number of digits after the decimal point option can be set from 0 to 5 (default is 2).

  • Column delimiter in CSV: The column delimiter in CSV files setting determines the delimiter in source and destination files used for all the import and export operations to and from the CSV file format. The default value is based on the regional settings of your operating system.

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