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MyQ Overview

What is MyQ X?

MyQ X is a universal printing solution that provides a wide variety of services related to printing and copying, but also scanning (document capture), device management, user management, security and authentication, and more. All functions are integrated into a single unified system, which results in an easy and intuitive print environment, with minimal requirements for complex installations and system administration.

Why is it called MyQ X? The X is primarily to distinguish between MyQ X, and MyQ Roger - our entirely cloud-based solution. You can learn more about MyQ Roger here.

Now that you know the basics, let’s go into some detail so that you can actually see what MyQ X helps you with.


What can MyQ X do for you?


Easy and Secure Printing

Most fundamentally, MyQ X is a printing solution. Our system allows you to control where documents are stored during the printing process, who can print where, and how your security system works (for example using a pull print solution that verifies users at a device before documents are released).

Simple connection to various storage solutions means your documents are always easy to retrieve for printing 🗃️ .

Intuitive and Personalized Device Interface

MyQ X works with embedded terminals of your printing devices, which you can personalize with your company logo, and a color scheme of your choice.

In addition, you can set up terminal actions in any way you choose, so that in a few clicks a user can, for example, scan to their personal storage 🧳 .

Cloud Print and Scan

Here at MyQ X cloud-based thinking is part of everything we do. That's why MyQ X servers can be installed and run on an Azure Virtual Machine with a VPN tunnel connecting the physical network and Azure's virtual network.

In addition, all of our features are intended to work well for organizations using cloud storage solutions - printing straight from Dropbox? No problem. Need to scan your docs directly to Google Drive? It’s a breeze 🌬️ .

Scanning and Document Capture

Whether it’s for digital archiving, or sharing contracts across remote offices securely, scanning is vital to many organizations. Our embedded terminals allow you to have digital copies of your papers exactly where you need them, in moments.

Our many scanning parameters are easy to select, and options for continuous scanning and skipping blank pages mean your digital copies always look their best 💋.

Mobility and BYOD Print

In a post-covid world, flexibility in workplaces is more important than ever. We have a myriad of features designed to suit a workplace that’s on the go.

Our mobile client means your users only need their phone to create paper copies of their documents, whether in Dublin or Dubai, and bring-your-own-device printing makes life simple for employees while reducing costs 🌍.

Fleet Management

Maintaining a fleet of printers in correct working order is no small feat, with the difficulties multiplied each time you add a new location or server to the equation.

Our monitoring features mean you can keep track of toner and paper levels, spot potential issues before they prevent work from getting done, and locate exactly where you’re spending cash, you’d rather save 👛.

Reporting and Waste Prevention

Having a large fleet of perfectly functional printers is great, but it’s even better to know what they’re doing, when and why.

Our reporting solutions mean in moments you can have a full picture of who’s printing what, where, and how much it’s costing you. Whether you’re looking to save costs, time, or trees, we’ve got you covered 🌳.

Project Allocation and Cost Centers

Projects, Credit, and Quotas in MyQ X help you to stay on top of your print and scan spending, and ensure your users are doing the same.

So, whatever your printing environment, and whatever your goals, we have accounting features baked right into MyQ to achieve them 🍪.

Pay-for-print and Top-up Payments

If you’re in an environment that requires users to pay for printing, you need a solution which makes it simple for them to do so.

Credit accounting in MyQ X makes it easy for users to top-up their account in myriad ways, and check their balance at any time, online, at a printer, or even on their phones 🤳.

High Availability in Any Situation

If you’re serious about your printing, you need a solution that works even when everything else goes wrong.

MyQ X can use application clustering to maximise your resources at any time, device spooling so you always have a printer to fallback on, and even offline login, so you never have to experience printer rage again 😬.

Video: Become a Document Superhero with MyQ X

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