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Scan to a Fax Server

Scanned documents can be sent as emails to a fax server, which processes them and sends faxes to appropriate Fax numbers.

Scan to Fax Server settings

To send the document to a fax server, enter the appropriate email address template in the Fax address template field. You can use the following parameters:

  • %username%: Name of the user session owner

  • %recipient%: Fax recipient

  • %number%: Fax number

  • %empty%: This parameter ensures that the subject/message is empty; it is used in very specific cases

  • %ipaddress%: IP address of the printing device

  • %scanId%: Unique scan identification number generated on the MyQ server

In the Sender drop-down, you can select one of the following addresses to be used as the fax sender:

  • Default sender: The email set on the Network settings tab, under Outgoing SMTP server

  • MyQ@MyQ.local: The sender is defined as MyQ@MyQ.local

  • Logged user: Name of the user session owner

  • Printer contact: The printing device contact email address set on its Web User Interface

You can also define the email's subject in the Subject text box, and the email's body in the Message text box.


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