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Once you open the MyQ Easy Config application on the Home tab for the first time, you will be prompted to create passwords for the Server Administrator Account and Database Administrator. These accounts will be important for server management and database security.

Server Administrator Account

This is the *admin account used for the initial MyQ configuration. Once you create a password for this account, you can continue to the MyQ Web Interface, use *admin to log in as the administrator and start the configuration. It is generally recommended to disable this account once you have created dedicated administrator accounts, you can do so on the Security tab.

Database Administrator Account

This is the SYSDBA account used for accessing the Firebird database. It is recommended to create a strong and secure password for this account.

Home Tab - Easy Config

After you change the Server Administrator Account and Database Administrator passwords for the first time, its initial setup section disappears from the Home tab. These passwords can be later changed from the Security tab.

Additional options are available on the Home tab to access the MyQ Web Administrator interface and generate Data for Support.

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