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User synchronization from Google Workspace

Google Workspace (previously named G-Suite), a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google Cloud, can be used with MyQ Print Server (versions 10.2+). For setting up the connection to MyQ follow the short procedure below.

  • Go to to configure your Google Workspace Environment for working with MyQ as an LDAP Client.

    • Turn service status on or off

    • Edit access permissions

  • Go to to get a private key and a certificate.

    • Generate certificate authentication

    • Generate access credentials.
      The downloaded file is a *zip file containing the private key and the certificate you need for connecting to MyQ.

  • After the above procedure, you need to set up the user synchronization from Google Workspace in the standard way. When setting up the Authentication server in MyQ, you need to make sure that the LDAP server parameters are set to the following values:

    • Domain - add your Google Workspace domain; the name of the domain component must be used (for example, dc=example,dc=com)

    • Type - select Google Workspace from the drop-down

    • Certificate - click Add and browse to upload the downloaded certificate file (.crt)

    • Private key - click Add and browse to upload the downloaded private key file (.key)


Find out more about Google Workspace’s Secure LDAP schema.


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