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Using external authentication servers

In addition to the internal MyQ authentication methods (password, PIN or ID card), you can use two types of external authentication servers: LDAP and Radius.

With the two external methods, MyQ does not use the internal MyQ PIN or password for user authentication, but instead authenticates users against an LDAP or Radius server. After the user enters their credentials during the authentication, the credentials are sent to be verified directly by the external server. If there is no online connection with the LDAP or Radius server, users cannot log in.

To enable this method of authentication, you have to take two steps:

  1. register the external authentication servers in MyQ

  2. select to use them for user authentication

To register external authentication servers in MyQ, see Authentication Servers Settings.

Selecting to use the registered external authentication servers for user authentication, can be done either automatically during the user import from an LDAP server or a CSV file, or manually on the properties panels of individual users.

Automatically selecting the external authentication option

Importing users from a CSV file

When you import users from a CSV file, you have two options of selecting the authentication server for the users:

  1. You can select the Use authentication server option and select the server during the synchronization setup on the synchronization properties panel.

  2. You can specify the Authentication server for a particular user in the AUTHSERVER field of the CSV file. If the field is not empty, its value has priority over the value selected on the properties panel.

For more information about importing users from CSV files, see User synchronization from CSV files.

Importing users from an LDAP server

During the users import from an LDAP server, you can select the Use authentication server option, to use the current synchronization source server for users authentication. For information about importing users from LDAP servers, see User synchronization from LDAP servers.

Unlike the Use authentication server setting for the import from a CSV file, which allows you to select the authentication server, the Use authentication server setting here gives you a single option — users will be
authenticated against the LDAP server where they are imported from.

Manually selecting the external authentication option

To manually select the external authentication option

  1. Open the Users main tab and double-click the user. The user's properties panel opens on the right side of screen.

  2. On the panel, select the Use authentication server option. The Authentication server setting becomes available.

  3. On the Authentication server drop-down box, select the server you want to use, and then click Save at the bottom of the panel.

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