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MyQ Smart Workflows

In order to create a MyQ Smart Workflow you need to install and configure the ScannerVision server to work with the MyQ server.

ScannerVision is a solution to automate document workflows, by capturing, processing, and storing scanned documents. This may include bar code reading, recognizing texts with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or converting documents to another format. Storage possibilities include a network folder, a database, cloud storage or storing as an e-mail attachment.

ScannerVision extends the features of MyQ by allowing the user to perform a customized and personalized scan workflow, and can utilize the user’s credentials to access the storage where the scanned document will be placed, making not only secure printing possible, but also secure scanning.


Minimum requirements prior to the installation:

  • MyQ Ultimate license (license for the MyQ server + license for ScannerVision)

  • Two servers setup (one for the MyQ server, one for the ScannerVision server). In case of a MyQ Central Server setup, one server can be used.

  • ScannerVision server 9.1+

    • EMB Kyocera 7.5.9

    • EMB Kyocera 8.1.1+

    • EMB HP Enterprise 8.1.1+ (supported in exploded mode as well)

Additional Information

Additional information about MyQ products can be found in the MyQ Docs portal:

  • MyQ Embedded Terminal Manuals for branded embedded terminals information

  • ScannerVision User Manual for advanced ScannerVision user information

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