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Report values description

Description of values in the reports' default and additional columns and how they are accounted.

These values are accounted as page counts in the following way: 2 clicks for the A3/Ledger page format and 1 click for the rest (A4 etc..); in case of Duplex, it is 4 clicks for the A3 / Ledger format and 2 clicks for the rest (A4 etc.). L formats are coverage counters.

  • B&W prints

  • B&W copies

  • Color prints

  • Color copies

  • Single color copy

  • Total prints

  • Total copies

  • Fax

  • Color pages (L1)

  • Color cost (L1)

  • Color pages (L2)

  • Color cost (L2)

  • Color pages (L3)

  • Color cost (L3)

  • Print color pages (L1)

  • Copy color pages (L1)

If discounts are used, they are not applied to all “cost” values in reports, e.g. Color cost (L1)", "Color cost (L2)" or "Color cost (L3). However, "Total cost", "Color cost" do reflect discounts.

These values are accounted as paper sheets in the following way : 1x A3 / 1x A4 etc.

  • A4 paper

  • A3 paper

  • A5 paper

  • B4 paper

  • B5 paper

  • Other paper

  • Folio paper

  • Ledger paper

  • Legal paper

  • Letter paper

  • Statement paper

  • Rest of the paper formats

These values are accounted as paper sheets as well, however, when a printing device is used without an installed Embedded terminal, this counter is specified via SNMP and depends on the counter used from the printing device.

  • Simplex

  • Duplex

Terminals version 7 and lower might have reported Duplex values differently depending on the vendor – either as the number of images (e.g. 1 page printed duplex as Duplex=2) or the number of sheets (Duplex=1). Since Terminals 8.2, these values are unified as the number of sheets. The combination of data from older Terminals with Terminals 8.2 in Reports may cause an inconsistency in the Duplex values.

A job printed in 1x A3 monochrome sheet, on both sides in duplex mode, on a device where an Embedded terminal is installed, is accounted in MyQ as 1x A3 paper + 4x print monochrome and 1x duplex. In the MyQ log it will look like this:

PM=4, A3=1, Duplex=1

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