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With the quota feature activated, you can set a limit to the usage of print related services. You can either limit the number of printed or scanned pages, or set an overall cost limit for all the services using prices from a price list. If the limit is close to be reached, the user or group receive an email with a warning and if the limit is reached or exceeded, they can be prevented from further printing and copying.

Each quota can monitor one of the following parameters:

  • the total number of printed and copied pages

  • the number of printed and copied color pages

  • the total number of printed and copied monochrome pages

  • the total number of scanned pages

  • the overall cost of print services

Quotas are active permanently until disabled and they reset after the specified interval. Users can check their quota status on their web user interface and in the MyQ mobile application. If a printing device is equipped with an embedded terminal, users can see the current percentage of their quota status there.

The quota on overall cost of print services requires setting a price list with prices of particular functions (print/copy/scan – B&W/color) on each printer. Both types of quota (the quota on the number of pages and the quota on the overall cost) require using the Job parser to get the print job metadata (number of pages, color etc.). For information about how to set the prices and how to activate the parser, see Price List and Jobs.

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