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MyQ System Settings

This topic discusses basic system settings of the MyQ system. The settings are located in separate tabs, accessed from the Settings menu:

  • In the General settings tab, you can set the administrator email, change regional settings, and other general settings.

  • In the Personalization settings tab, you can add custom help links and custom logos to be used in various parts of the MyQ system.

  • In the Network settings tab, you can modify network settings such as certificates, server ports, etc.

  • In the Authentication servers settings tab, you can add LDAP and Radius servers for user authentication.

  • In the Task scheduler settings tab, you can add new task schedules, change their settings and run scheduled tasks.

  • In the Log & Audit settings tab, you can set the Log notifier feature, which enables sending notifications about selected log events to the administrator and/or any number of MyQ users.

  • In the System management settings tab, you can change settings of the MyQ history, set the maximum size of files that can be uploaded on the MyQ Web Interface, delete data from the MyQ database, and also reset MyQ components to apply settings previously made on other tabs.

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