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Adding, copying, and deleting queues

Adding a queue

  1. On the Queues main tab, click +Add queue. The new queue properties panel opens on the right side of the screen.

  2. On the panel, add a Name for the queue, select a Type, further modify the queue's settings (Queues general settings), and click Save.

Deleting a queue

  1. On the list of queues on the Queues main tab, select the queues that you want to delete, and then click Actions (or right-click the queue). The Actions drop-down box appears.

  2. In the Actions drop-down box, click Delete. The queues disappear from the list.

Copying a Queue’s Settings

To speed things up when you are creating new queues, or editing your existing ones, you can copy the settings from a Source Queue to a Target Queue.

  1. On the Queues main tab right-click the queue you want to copy the settings of, or copy settings to and select Copy settings from Queue.

  2. A dialog box opens where you can: select the Target Queue (the queue to which the settings will be copied) and select the Source Queue (the queue settings will be copied from).

  3. In addition, you can select which settings to copy from Job Parsing, PJL Detection, and Print Drivers. Click save to copy the settings to the Target Queue.

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