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Report Types

When you are creating reports on the Reports main tab, you can choose from a large number of built-in report types that are sorted into multiple categories. Some of the types are included in more categories (for example, Groups: Daily Summary, Print Jobs: Daily Summary, etc.), while some of the types are particular to only one category (for example, Device Alerts in Alerts Maintenance or Credit Balance in Credit & Quota).
You can overview all of the report types on the Reports settings tab, under Report types (in MyQ, Settings, Reports).

Report types overview

Providing users with rights to use a report

The administrator can run all the built-in reports and provide other users and groups with rights to run them as well. In MyQ, Settings, Reports, right-click on a report and click Edit. On the General tab, in the Permission for running the report field, choose users and groups from the list and click Save.

You can also add custom report types developed by the MyQ development team. To do so, just click +Add, upload the custom report definition file, select users or groups to access it, and click OK. For more information about custom report types, please contact MyQ support.

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