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Server Type Settings

In the Server Type settings tab, the MyQ administrator can set the type of server to use:

Server type settings tab


  • Standalone server - this is enabled by default. It corresponds to the MyQ Print server.

  • Site server - this option can only be used within a MyQ Central server installation.

    • Site name - add a name for your site server.

    • Central Server address - add the Central server’s host name or IP address.

    • Enable secure connection - enabled by default. The connection between the Central server and the Site servers is secure.

    • Port - 8093 by default.

    • Password for communication - password used for the communication between the MyQ Central server and Site servers.

    • Embedded terminals - add the number of embedded terminal licenses to be used on this Site server (distributed by the Central server).

    • Embedded Lite terminals - add the number of embedded lite terminal licenses to be used on this Site server (distributed by the Central server).

In older versions, in the Server type settings tab, it was possible to switch between the Standalone server, a Site server, or a Central server. This is no longer available, as the MyQ Print server and MyQ Central server are different products and use separate installers. If you have such a setup and plan to upgrade to MyQ Central server 8.2+, be advised that the upgrade will not be successful. It is required to upgrade your system to version 8.1, download the latest MyQ Central server installer, and migrate your setup (described in detail in MyQ Central Server).

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