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Report Categories

  • Alerts and Maintenance - These reports provide information about device alerts and unusual changes on device counters.

  • Credit and Quota - These reports contain information concerning credit and quota, for example the remaining credit or the state of quota of selected users.

  • Environmental - These reports inform about the environmental impact of printing. They show how many trees needed to be harvested, how much energy was spent and how much carbon dioxide was emitted during the production of the paper used for printing and copying within your company's printing environment.
    Data sources vary in their estimations. MyQ calculations in the report are based on the following data estimates:

    • Carbon dioxide for paper production: 12,7 gram per paper sheet

    • Energy used for production: 48 Wh per paper sheet or 32Wh for a recycled paper sheet

    • Trees: 8333 paper sheets are counted as 1 tree.

  • General - These reports provide general information about the MyQ system, such as total counters statistics and printing peaks or comparison of price lists used for printers.

  • Groups - These reports inform about groups of users. They can contain information about membership, printed pages, weekly stats etc.

  • Print Jobs - These reports contain information about jobs printed in MyQ, such as the list of all expired and deleted jobs over a certain period.

  • Printers - These reports inform about all the printing devices in the MyQ system (both local and network). Generated reports can contain graphs of the device usage, daily, weekly and monthly counters, etc.

  • Projects - These reports contain information regarding projects and project accounting in MyQ, such as daily summary of projects or projects assigned to selected users over a certain period.

  • Users - These reports can contain various information about users. They can concern their print jobs, credit statements, printed pages etc.

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