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Monitoring network printers in offline mode

The usual way of communication between the MyQ system and a printing device is via SNMP protocol. In case this method cannot be used, for example if the printing device does not support the SNMP protocol, you can use the MyQ parser to monitor the number of pages and other basic properties of jobs sent to be printed on a printing device. This accounting method is referred to as Offline accounting.

A disadvantage of the offline accounting feature is its inaccuracy. Due to the fact that the communication of MyQ and the printing device is one-sided and restricted to sending print data to the device, it is not possible to check if the data is actually printed. Therefore, MyQ charges the print job based on the information from the job parser received after the job is sent to the printing device. Even if the print job is canceled halfway through the print, it is charged as a whole.

To enable the offline accounting mode of a printing device:

  1. On the Printers main tab, double-click the printing device to open its properties panel.

  2. On the panel, in the Use driver of model: text box, enter the value offline, and then click Save.

Use driver of model printer property

Before enabling the offline accounting mode, deactivate the printing device. The Use driver of model: setting cannot be changed on activated printing devices. Once you enable the offline accounting mode, reactivate the printing device. See Activating and deactivating printing devices for more information.

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