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Easy Print settings

The Easy Print terminal action allows users to print files without sending them first to MyQ. These files can be printed from multiple destinations, like several cloud storages, network drives or local drives, and the user's default storage.

In order to use Easy Print, a new terminal action has to be created in MyQ, Settings, Terminal Actions.

Adding the Easy Print terminal action node


  1. Right-click on Home Screen, and point to Add action node into this folder in the shortcut menu. Another sub-menu with a list of available action nodes opens to the right.

  2. On the sub-menu, select Easy Print. The new action node properties panel opens on the right side of the screen.

On the properties panel you can configure which destinations should be available for the user, and the default release options. It is possible to create multiple instances of the Easy Print action, each one with different settings.

In the General tab, you can configure the Printers and Rights for the Easy Print terminal action, and define the Default print properties: Color, Duplex, Staple, Punch, Toner saving, and Copies.

Easy Print general settings

In the Storages tab, click Add to add a new storage type. You can select from Cloud storage, Folder, and User’s storage.

Easy Print storage settings


The supported formats for Easy Print are: bmp, jfif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, mime, png, tif, tiff, txt, urf, and pdf.

If Microsoft Office suite or Libre Office are installed on the server, the Microsoft formats doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx and Libre Office formats are also supported. These are converted into PDF based on the settings in Jobs - General - Office file formats.

When Easy Print is used on the terminal, the user is presented with a list of possible destinations associated with this action (this is skipped in case of a single destination). After the destination is selected, the user can browse it and select files for printing.

Easy Print storage selection

After pressing the print button, the files are downloaded from the destination to the server, processed through the default Easy Print queue, and released immediately to the printer without any further interaction. It is also possible to cancel the whole downloading and printing process. In this case, files that have already been downloaded, but not printed are deleted from the server. Files that have already been printed remain on the server and it is possible to reprint them.

Easy Print - selecting and downloading jobs to print


Vendor Compatibility Specifics

Easy Print compatibility may differ between brands. Please check the relevant terminal documentation for more details.

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