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Voucher Batches

Vouchers can be generated on the Voucher Batches tab of the MyQ Web Interface. To open this tab, go to MyQ, Voucher Batches.

To generate new vouchers:

  1. On the bar at top of the Voucher Batches tab, click +Add. The Add voucher batch dialog box appears.

    Adding a new Voucher batch
  2. In the dialog box, enter the number of vouchers to be generated in the Count field, the Price of the vouchers, add the validity period in the Valid until field, and then click OK.

    New Voucher Batch options

The new voucher batch record is displayed in the voucher batches list. You can overview all of the vouchers by double-clicking a record.

Managing Voucher Batches

Voucher batches can be filtered by serial number, date, creator, price, expiry date, etc. From the Voucher Batches main tab, you can export the list of voucher batches to a CSV, and display and print vouchers included in particular batches.

Voucher Batches main tab


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