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Accounting Settings

In the Accounting settings tab, in the General section, the MyQ administrator can set:

  • the Accounting mode MyQ will be using:

    • Accounting Group - This is selected by default. In this mode, all quotas are available and can be spent.

    • Cost Center - In this mode, only the selected (cost center) payment account is spent.

  • the Payment account priority, which applies to terminals that don’t support user selection of payment accounts, and to direct queues without the MyQ Desktop Client option. The payment account with the highest priority is always used in such cases:

    • Credit

    • Quota

Accounting settings tab


  • The Cost Center mode does not work on printers without a terminal.

  • The Cost Center mode can be used only with embedded terminal versions 8.2 or higher.

  • In the Cost Center mode, if a user has more than one account, the job is paused and the account must be selected via MyQ Desktop Client (v.8.2 or higher). If there is only one account, the account is assigned automatically.

If you use the Cost Center mode on embedded terminals with a version older than 8.2, the terminals activation fails. The following error message can be found in the log: “Terminal is incompatible | reason=Terminal version must be at least 8.2 in cost center mode”.

If you switch to the Cost Center mode on embedded terminals with a version older than 8.2, the following warning can be found in the log: “This terminal is not supported in cost center accounting mode. Upgrade terminal at least to version 8.2”.

Switch to the Accounting Group mode or upgrade your embedded terminals to version 8.2 for the terminals to be successfully activated and work properly. If you choose to switch, your terminals need to be re-activated. This can be done automatically by clicking OK in the Apply Settings pop-up, or manually on each device.

Comparison between Accounting Group and Cost Center

Accounting group

Cost center

Max 1 accounting group per user

Multiple cost centers can be assigned to a user

If multiple quotas are assigned to a user, all of them are spent.

Only one quota is spent. If credit, or a cost center without quota is selected, no quota is used.

If credit or personal quota is selected, the job is still accounted to the accounting group

If credit or personal quota is used, no cost center is accounted.

Every job performed by user is accounted to their Accounting group

A job is accounted to the cost center only if selected, or if it is the only account the user has.

In the Job price calculation before release section, the MyQ administrator can select between 1 - Japan, or 2 - Europe, USA (default) for The printer is set up to increase the page counter value for A3 and Ledger format by setting.

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