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The new MyQ X licensing model -in use since MyQ Server 8.0 (patch 4)-, introduced the use of an Installation Key per MyQ setup.

Compared to older editions, MyQ X offers a new price list with updated and new functionalities, one Installation key containing all the license information instead of multiple license keys, a fast and automated license ordering process, and a complete overview in the MyQ X Partner portal of all the products and their software assurance.

You can view your current license in the License Settings of you MyQ User Interface, or in the Licences widget shown on your dashboard. Three types of assurance plan are available, Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. More information on assurance plans is available here.




This topic discusses the following subjects:

The old licensing model (with license keys) is not supported in MyQ Server 10.2+. Upgrade to the new licensing model with Installation Keys is needed.

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