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MyQ and MS Cluster


The MyQ MS Cluster high-availability solution consists of multiple nodes in the active/passive configuration with the MyQ Print server installed on each node. MS Cluster administrates the MyQ services and if the currently active node becomes unavailable, it switches to one of the available passive nodes.

System Requirements

The fully detailed MyQ Print Server system requirements can be found here.

  • Compatibility with Windows Servers

The MyQ MS Cluster solution is supported by the following Windows Server versions and editions:

Windows Server


Windows Server 2016

Standard, Datacenter

Windows Server 2019

Standard, Datacenter

Windows Server 2022

  • A prepared failover cluster with at least two nodes and storage for MyQ data is needed. Each node must meet the system requirements of the MyQ Print server and its components.

  • The same time zone has to be set on each of the nodes.

If your setup includes embedded terminals, make sure to have the required .NET framework version installed in each cluster node. If not, the embedded terminal installation will fail. Further information can be found in the related MyQ Embedded terminal manuals.

If the MyQ Desktop Client, MyQ Smart Job Manager or the MyQ Smart Print Services applications are to be used on the MyQ users workstations, the IP address or hostname of the cluster has to be set in the applications (not the IP address or hostname of the nodes).


With the new MyQ X licensing model with Installation Keys used in MS Cluster, there is only one installation key needed. The HW code is taken from the whole cluster, not individual nodes, so the license is activated against the cluster’s HW, and not a single node.

With the old licensing model, when MS Cluster is used with the MyQ Print server, the amount of licenses needed depends on the number of nodes used, as the licenses need to be added and activated separately on each node.

  • MyQ server in Site mode - licenses are received from the Central server automatically every day or during MyQ service or Cluster Node restart.

  • MyQ server in Standalone mode - needs an extra licenses set for each node; each licenses set must be activated only on one node.

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