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List of users

On the Users main tab, you can see users and information about them. With the All users search option selected, you see a list of all the users that are currently in the system. System users are are hidden from the list of users in the MyQ web UI.

Apart from this search option, you can also choose from:

  • Unclassified - select to display only the users that do not belong to any group

  • Managers - select to display only group managers

  • Locked - select to display users whose accounts have been locked

  • Deleted - select to display only deleted users

Default system users

The database of every installation of MyQ contains five default system users. These users are used for administration of the MyQ system and cannot be deleted.

  1. *admin - This is the MyQ administrator account. It is used for administration of the MyQ system on the Web Administrator User Interface.

  2. *api - MyQ uses this account to connect to external applications.

  3. *fax - All printed faxes are charged to this account.

  4. *unauthenticated - If there are any printed, copied or scanned pages that for some reason cannot be assigned to concrete users, they are charged to this account. This can happen, for example, if the print server is not available and users print in an emergency, offline mode on a printing device. It can also happen if someone prints directly on a printing device, bypassing the MyQ system. In such
    cases, you might need to check the printing device security settings.

  5. *system - All the actions performed by the MyQ system are charged to the *system user.

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