Description of values in the reports' default and additional columns and how they are accounted.

These values are accounted as page counts in the following way: 2 clicks for the A3/Ledger page format and 1 click for the rest (A4 etc..); in case of Duplex, it is 4 clicks for the A3 / Ledger format and 2 clicks for the rest (A4 etc.). L formats are coverage counters.

  • B&W prints

  • B&W copies

  • Color prints

  • Color copies

  • Single color copy

  • Total prints

  • Total copies

  • Fax

  • Color pages (L1)

  • Color cost (L1)

  • Color pages (L2)

  • Color cost (L2)

  • Color pages (L3)

  • Color cost (L3)

  • Print color pages (L1)

  • Copy color pages (L1)

These values are accounted as paper sheets in the following way : 1x A3 / 1x A4 etc.

  • A4 paper

  • A3 paper

  • A5 paper

  • B4 paper

  • B5 paper

  • Other paper

  • Folio paper

  • Ledger paper

  • Legal paper

  • Letter paper

  • Statement paper

  • Rest of the paper formats

These values are accounted as paper sheets as well, however, when a printing device is used without an installed Embedded terminal, this counter is specified via SNMP and depends on the counter used from the printing device.

  • Simplex

  • Duplex

A job printed in 1x A3 monochrome sheet, on both sides in duplex mode, on a device where an Embedded terminal is installed, is accounted in MyQ as 1x A3 paper + 4x print monochrome and 1x duplex. In the MyQ log it will look like this:

PM=4, A3=1, Duplex=1