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System Maintenance

In the System maintenance section, you can reset MyQ components to apply settings previously made on other tabs, delete all users without a session and permanently remove inactive users, printers, groups and user data from the MyQ database.

Applying changes

Some changes of the MyQ server require a reset of some of the server's components. When you save these changes, the system proposes to automatically perform the reset. If you decide to skip this action, you need to reset the components later.

Via the Apply Settings button, you can reset the components at any time. After you click the button, click a component that you want to reset and the settings will be applied without further notice.

Apply settings options

Deleting data from the MyQ database

The delete/remove buttons perform the following actions. These actions cannot be undone. It is recommended you backup your data before performing any of them.

  • Delete users: Deletes all users without user sessions.

  • Deleted inactive users and groups: Removes all inactive users and all groups with no active users from the MyQ database.

  • Deleted printers : Removes all printers which are deleted and have never been activated from the MyQ database.

  • User data: User Sessions, Jobs, Groups, Users, Vouchers: Removes all user related data from the MyQ database.

Data Deletion

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