If project accounting is enabled, unassigned print jobs are paused and have to be assigned to a project before they can be printed. They are displayed on the Jobs main tab, under Paused, with a question mark preceding the job name. You can assign them on the Jobs main tab, in the MyQ Desktop Client pop-up window, or on an embedded terminal.

Paused jobs waiting to be assigned to a project

As soon as the project is assigned, its name is displayed instead of the question mark. If "without project" is selected, the question mark disappears.

Ready job with the project assigned

Users who want to print an unassigned job on an embedded terminal have to select one of their projects (projects they have rights to) or eventually select the Without project option there (if they are allowed to print without projects). The same applies to scanning and copying ‒ users have to select one of the projects or the Without project option before opening the particular panel or performing a quick action. The exact behavior of project accounting on embedded terminals can vary depending on vendor and device model. See the particular embedded terminal manual for further information.