To send a scanned document to OCR, the entered receiver email address has to be in the form: myqocr.*folder*@myq.local, where folder is the folder where the document is saved before it is proceeded by the OCR software, for example DOC or PDF. If the folder is not there, MyQ will create it.

The OCR in and out folders

The OCR software should listen to the document sub-folders of the in folder (in\doc, in\txt,...), process the file that was sent there, save the converted document to the out folder and delete the source file from the in*folder* folder.

MyQ listens to the out folder, sends the converted file to the user and deletes it from the folder.

The converted file is sent to the folder or email address listed in the User's scan storage text box, in the user properties panel.

The file sent to the out folder by the OCR software has to have the same name as the source file in the in*** folder. If the name of the converted file differs from the source file, it is deleted without being sent to the user.