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General tab

Available advanced settings on a queue’s general tab:

Queue properties, general tab

Queue section

  • Priority: When multiple jobs from pull print queues are to be released at the same time, the jobs
    that are sent to the queues with a higher priority are released before the jobs with lower priority. For example, if there are three jobs waiting to be released on a printing device, one with a priority number 0, one with a priority number -1 and one with a priority number 2, the job with the priority number 2 is printed first, the job with the priority number 0 is printed second and the job with the priority number -1 is printed third.

  • Keep jobs for reprint: Yes, No. The Keep jobs for reprint setting is also available when configuring a Print Job Policy. You can find the available combinations in Print Job Policies.

Output to printer section

  • Protocol: By default, print jobs are sent from MyQ to printing devices via the RAW protocol. Instead of it, you can use one of the alternative standard protocol options (IPP, IPPS or LPR) or the MyQ printing protocol, which can be used in two versions:

    • MPP: jobs sent via this protocol are compressed

    • MPPS: jobs sent via this protocol are compressed and encrypted via SSL

  • Port: Here you can change the port of the selected protocol.

  • Use Fiery if available: If you use a Fiery module for processing Postscript jobs, make sure that this option is selected and set the IP address of the module on the properties panel of the printing device to which the module is connected. Otherwise, you can deselect the option.

Policies section

The final job settings are a combination of these queue settings, user policies and user changes made on the embedded terminal. All settings are set to Do not change by default.

  • Color: Do not change, Color, B&W

  • Duplex: Do not change, Simplex, Duplex long edge, Duplex short edge

  • Staple: Do not change, No Staple, Upper left corner, Booklet, Lower left corner

  • Punch: Do not change, No Punch, 2 holes, 3/4 holes

  • Toner saving: Do not change, No, Yes

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