Each row must consist of six columns, separated by the delimiter set on the General settings tab, under Column delimiter in CSV. The file must contain a header row, otherwise an error occurs and the projects will not be imported. The order of the columns is irrelevant; each column is identified by its name in the header, which must always be in English, regardless of the language setting in MyQ.


  • active:

    • 1=project is added to MyQ

    • 0 =project is not added to MyQ

  • code: unique code of the project

  • name: name of the project

  • groups: the path of the project in the hierarchy. Levels must be separated by the pipe character (|). If the column is empty, the project is created in or moved to the root of the hierarchy.

  • description: internal description of the project

  • users the users or groups of users allowed to use the project. Multiple entries should be separated by commas (,).

CSV syntax example