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Editing jobs

To open a print job properties panel, double-click the job on the list on the Jobs main tab (or select the job, then click Actions on the toolbar above, and then click Edit in the job action dialog box). The panel opens on the right side of screen.

On the panel, you can see general information about the print job, such as its name and ID, size, its author and the IP address of the author's computer. If you use the Job Parser tool, you can see additional data such as the B&W total, color copies, number of copies, paper format, duplex, toner saving, staple, punch, the printer language used, and the price of the job. For more information, see Job Parser.

You can also change the print job’s Owner and Project in their respective list boxes.

Only an administrator and user group leaders can change the owner of a print job. The administrator can move jobs between all users and the user group leader can move jobs between members of their subordinate group.

If you change the job owner, the new owner has to have rights to the current queue and project. If you change the project, the current job owner has to have rights to the new project.

Deleting jobs

To delete selected jobs:

  1. On the jobs list on the Jobs main tab, select the jobs that you want to delete, and then click Actions.

  2. In the Actions drop-down box, click Delete. You can find the deleted jobs on the Deleted jobs list.

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