MyQ Print Server 10.1

  • Minimum required support date: 1st of February 2023

  • Minimum required version for upgrade: 8.2

10.1 RTM

2 March, 2023


  • Refresh token is visible in log for refresh_token grant_type.


  • Added MyQ logo into IPP server.

  • Used Google sign-in branding for Google connectors.

  • Tenant ID and Client ID fields are in different order in each connector.

  • Unified naming of Azure connection/auth server/sync source to Azure AD.


  • MANUAL SETUP REQUIRED New SharePoint setup required - After upgrade from older MyQ versions, SharePoint connectors can stop working as a result of API change. Follow the respective manuals for SharePoint to set new connectors for MyQ 10.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Printed job was not archived.

  • Using codebook with MS exchange for Easy scan causes Internal server Error.

  • HW-11-T - Cannot convert string from UTF-8 to ASCII.

  • Easy scan - password parameter - the MyQ web UI language is used for the string of password parameter.

  • Removing Date filter for fixed range causes Web Server Error.

  • Failed scan to incorrect email address may blocks outgoing email traffic.

  • SMTP test dialogue stays open and the position is not correct when scrolling.

  • Printer filter does not filter devices correctly in some cases.

  • MDC not updating when enabling/disabling Credit or Quota when MDC is already connected to Print Server.

  • Date and Time settings in the Fixed range filter acts differently.

  • LDAP Code Book Favorites not on top.

  • Job properties - Punching isn't applied on Ricoh devices.

  • Parameters in Easy Scan - Codebooks - Exchange Address book causes Web Application Error.

Device Certification

  • Added support for Epson EcoTank M3170.

  • Ricoh IM C3/400 - added simplex and duplex counters.

  • Added support for Toshiba e-STUDIO7527AC, 7529A, 2520AC.

  • Sharp MX-B456W - corrected toner level reading.

10.1 RC2

14 February, 2023


  • Fixed issue where any user could export users by using URL.


  • Added support for CPCA print jobs.

  • Apache updated.

  • Possible to activate Canon devices with Embedded terminal support even when OIDs for counters are not set correctly in the device (but then there is no reading of counters via SNMP).
    LIMITATION - Not set counter values are not displayed in MyQ Web UI > Printers, accounting without embedded terminal will not be correct, Report Printer - Meter reading via SNMP will not report the proper values and Events related to counters will not work.

  • Added help text about unsupported variables to folder browsing terminal action.

  • Possible to install MyQ Central Server and Site Server on one server (smaller installation).

  • Removed embedded terminal support of HP M479.


  • Increased default sslProtocol from SSL2 to TLS1.0.

  • Site server - Removed option to add Authentication Servers.

Bug Fixes

  • MS Universal Print - cannot print from Win 11.

  • Job preview over Ghostscript finish with error.

  • macOS Ventura AirPrint - stuck in the "Preparing..." message box.

  • Sign in with Microsoft (SSO) from the mobile login page gives invalid grant.

  • Jobs via email - Pooling interval cannot be changed.

  • Easy Print - cannot print PNG file.

  • Codebooks - Archived codes are still visible on Embedded terminal.

  • Panel Scan fails to deliver - Attempt to read property "filenameTemplate" on null.

  • Settings > Network - Test email dialog can be opened multiple times.

  • Counters in Reports do not match on central after site replication in some rare cases.

  • Terminal actions - Embedded terminal ignores user's language settings.

  • Upgrade from 10.0 - Resetting dashboard to the default layout might cause Web Server Error.

  • Easy Config - Service's state labels sizes are not unified.

  • Cannot open Settings > Jobs after upgrade from 10.0 when Jobs via email are enabled.

  • OneDrive Business cannot be configured as a single-tenant application.

  • Login screen - Special License edition is not displayed.

  • Easy scan - Filename Template - Space between variables is replace with "+" symbol.

  • System History Deletion is deleting favorite codebooks.

  • RefreshSettings is called every time when replications are requested.

  • Terminal actions - Action needs to be saved twice to change name.

  • Untranslated error messages on login screen - Authentication failed and Account locked.

  • Sign in with Microsoft (user synchronized with upnPrefix as username) - Exception after login attempt.

  • Fix of memory leak.

Device Certification

  • Added support for HP Digital Sender Flow 8500fn2 and ScanJet Enterprise Flow N9120fn2.

  • Added support for Epson AM-C4/5/6000 and WF-C53/5890.

10.1 RC


  • Site Server - Unused authentication servers are removed when users are synchronized from Central Server.

  • PHP updated.

  • Custom Theme - Terminal Actions settings reflect modified text from Theme Editor 1.2.0.

  • Security improved.

  • Traefik updated.

  • Automatically prefilled the OAuth user in Email settings taken from Connection settings.

  • Database views - Added Single color copy to Fact Session counters view.

  • Network - Connections - Added additional information columns (Connected account and Details).

  • Parser updated.

  • Setting specific SSL protocol in config.ini also apply minimum version for traefik (traefik minimum version is TLS1 - i.e. when using SSL2 in config.ini, traefik will still use TLS1).

  • Updated light themes (font color, centered labels).


  • Removed embedded support for OKI devices - not possible to select terminal anymore.

  • Removed Parameters for panel scan to email from Scanning & OCR.

  • Firebird version reverted back to 3.0.8.

  • Removed embedded support for Ricoh Java devices - not possible to select terminal anymore.

Bug Fixes

  • Easy Scan - "Default" Filename template (%username%_%scanId%) does not work.

  • No translation of "No project" in metadata XML of scans.

  • Report Project groups - Total summary wrongly contains user-related columns.

  • Untranslated string appears when searching in project groups.

  • Easy print - downloading remote files from Google Drive occasionally fails.

  • Error when user connects storage.

  • Authentication to Exchange Online is not successful sometimes.

  • Jobs via Email does not work when Network > MyQ SMTP Server is disabled.
    Change - MyQ internal SMTP Server is kept enabled, but firewall rules are removed when disabled.

  • Easy Print from network location does not work - wrong path error.

  • Security improvement.

  • Easy Scan to network folder doesn't work.

  • MS Azure sync source can be added on Site.

  • System maintenance task is not deleting failed email attachments.

  • Report Printers - Total summary - data are not grouped correctly.

  • Job parser could fail in some specific cases.

  • Web server error after user changes own password and navigates through Web UI.

  • Possible to save deleted SMTP connection which was deleted before saving SMTP settings.

  • Terminal action's text parameter is not validated by specified regEx validator.

  • Server ignores state parameter in authorization grant request from Mobile application using SSO.

  • Not possible to mark job as favorite.

  • Setting rights for users on Site to "Manage project" does not allow user to "Manage Projects" on site.

  • Site server mode - Possible to create User rights with keyboard shortcut.

  • Job Roaming - roaming job is canceled right after download if there is more then 10 sites.

Device Certification

  • Epson L15180 cannot print large (A3) jobs fixed.

  • Added support for Canon iR-ADV 4835/45.

  • Added support for Epson AL-M320.

  • Added support for Xerox B315.

10.1 BETA3


  • Added support multiline text field in terminal vendor specific settings.

  • Simplified adding new reports.

  • Translations - Unified translation strings for quota period.

  • Added new translation string for “remaining“ (required by some languages with different sentence composition).

  • Improved debug logging for SMTP server with OAuth login.

  • Firebird updated.

  • Added support for Bearer token authentication on the IPP Server.

  • OpenSSL updated.

  • Added new option for IPP (mobile application) to enable both punch and staple at once.

  • Security improved.

  • Traefik updated.

  • Removed Prescribe when printing from Kyocera drivers to non Kyocera devices.

  • NEW FEATURE DB views - Added new view for Printer events.

  • NEW FEATURE DB views - Added new view for Toner replacements.

  • DB views added new view FACT_PRINTERJOB_COUNTERS_V3.

  • DB views - added more information to DIM_USER and DIM_PRINTER.

  • Added option to set custom MyQ CA certificate validity period (in config.ini).

  • Easy Scan - Possible to set Filename template on General tab for all destinations of Easy Scan.

  • Added support for SSO for mobile login page.


  • Removed support for OKI embedded terminal.

  • Removed support for Ricoh Java embedded terminal.

  • PHP upgraded to version 8.0.

  • Removed option to sort jobs by sites.

  • SMTP Settings separated for Gmail and MS Exchange Online.

Bug Fixes

  • Disconnected printers are still in the status Ready.

  • Payment account interaction is not Disabled if accounting is switched from Accounting group to Cost center mode.

  • Cannot create Report Quota status for groups/Users with empty filter.

  • MyQ Service could crash in some very rare cases during releasing of jobs when one user had 2 user sessions active.

  • Reports "General- Monthly Statistic/Weekly Statistics" - values for same week/month of different year is merged to one value.

  • Saving changes under Method of printing (Settings - Jobs) does not work, it defaults to Convert to PDF.

  • Printer discovery - Actions - cannot add printer model for Windows printer.

  • CSV User import may fail when updating existing users.

  • Deleted themes appear again in the list of themes.

  • Helpdesk.xml file is invalid.

  • Google Drive scan storage destination may appear as disconnected in Web UI.

  • Fulltext search of specific job takes too long.

  • Sorting users (with credit enabled) by specific column takes too long.

  • Export of 100K users takes hours.

  • Account lockout triggered after fewer attempts than set.

  • No terminal can be searched for by "n" but not by "no".

  • Print Server changes finishing options for booklet (Kyocera drivers).

  • Easy scan - scan to multiple email recipients - email addresses are not split.

  • Credit and Quota right-click menus on Users tab requires page refresh after enabling Credit/Quota to be available.

  • Printer discovery is in loop when invalid filename template file is used.

  • Wrong Synchronization of user accounting group/Cost center after changing Accounting mode on Central Server.

  • traefik.exe security improved.

  • Terminal package status is not updated after Health check detected some problem which was resolved.

  • Security improvement.

Device Certification

  • Added additional model names for HP Color LaserJet managed MFP E78323/25/30.

  • Added support for HP Color LaserJet MFP M282nw.

  • Added support for Canon MF631C.

  • Added support for Toshiba e-Studio 385S and 305CP.

  • Added support for OKI MC883.

  • Added support for Brother MFC-J2340.

  • Added support for Toshiba e-STUDIO25/30/35/45/55/6528A and e-STUDIO25/30/35/45/55/6525AC.

  • Added support for Canon iR-ADV 4825.

  • Added support for Epson WF-C529R.

  • Added support for Lexmark MX421.

  • Added Simplex/Duplex counters for multiple Xerox devices (VersaLink B400, WorkCentre 5945/55, WorkCentre 7830/35/45/55, AltaLink C8030/35/45/55/70, AltaLink C8130/35/45/55/70, VersaLink C7020/25/30).

  • Added support for Lexmark B2442dw.

  • Added A4/A3 counters for multiple Toshiba devices (e-STUDIO20/25/30/35/45/5008A, e-STUDIO35/4508AG, e-STUDIO25/30/35/45/50/5505AC, e-STUDIO55/65/7506AC).

  • Added support for Brother HL-L8260CDW.

  • Added support for Canon iR C3226.

  • Added support for Ricoh P C300W.

10.1 BETA2


  • PHP updated.

  • Warning message about incompatible terminal version has been improved.

  • New icon for Easy Print terminal action.

  • Traefik updated.

  • Web Administrator links are using icons from Easy Config.

  • Folder browsing - behavior when setting up multiple destination improved.

  • Central-Site communication without VPN improved.

  • CounterHistory replication performance improved.


  • Reports in PDF do not contain seconds in time (other formats has time including seconds).

  • Quick setup guide widget is collapsed when all steps are Done with option to remove this widget.

  • Possible to set how long to keep Audit log records (System Management > History) instead of deleting it with Log records.

  • Simplified adding External Connection of Gmail.

  • Easy Config UI change to match Red theme of Print Server UI.

  • Task Scheduler - shortest period can be set to 5 minutes (instead of 1 minute).

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to start Print Server if Email refresh token is missing.

  • Standalone mode - Jobs settings contain Job roaming settings.

  • Easy Print - print job defaults - Copies can go to negative and above 999.

  • MPA - not possible to print other formats than A4 (requires MPA 1.3 (patch 1)).

  • Not possible to export Audit log.

  • Easy Scan to OneDrive fails.

  • User cannot manage reports even with manage reports rights.

  • Relogging to Web UI opens page from where user/admin logged out.

  • Labels in Easy config were empty for some languages..

  • Easy Scan - Scanning to second destination fails if the first one has folder browsing enabled.

  • Date selection for Reports, Logs for fixed date is not save correctly.

  • Printer discovery with CSV name template is stuck on adding printer from CSV.

  • User synchronization from Central - Inherited manager for nested groups in not synchronized.

  • Kyocera terminal wasn't possible to install with default server certificates on newer devices.

  • MS Azure authentication server - creating new connection is not automatically set to be used.

  • Credit Statement and Credit reports data are deleted based on settings of "Delete logs older than".

  • Cannot set duplex option on embedded terminal for jobs via email or web upload.

  • User synchronization fails when group name contains half-width and full-width characters.

  • Possible to assign project to user without rights to project via Web UI Jobs.

Device Certification

  • Changed device name of P-3563DN to P-C3563DN and P-4063DN to P-C4063DN.

10.1 BETA


  • NEW FEATURE Added banner for expired or to be expired assurance (perpetual license only).

  • NEW FEATURE Added printer pages for last 30 days widget.

  • NEW FEATURE Environmental Impact widget.

  • System status in displayed on the dashboard as a normal widget.

  • NEW FEATURE Mixed size parameter for Easy copy is supported.

  • Added digital signature to EasyConfigCmd.exe.

  • Email Printing - feature is disabled when invalid configuration is given.

  • Job via File upload and Easy Print - Job properties description added.

  • NEW FEATURE BI tools - New database views for Session and Job environmental impact.

  • Settings form for Jobs via Email improved.

  • NEW FEATURE High Contrast UI Theme for improved accessibility.

  • Notify the Desktop Client about paused jobs when the client is registered into the server.

  • Jobs via Email - UI improvements.

  • Date Range control UX and accessibility improved.

  • AutocompleteBox UX and accessibility improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from

  • Support of punching, stapling, paper format attributes via IPP printing.

  • NEW FEATURE New default red theme.

  • Server Health Checks UI improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from Dropbox.

  • Web UI - Removed loading animation after health checks.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy scan to DropBox- option to browse subfolders (to select final destination).

  • NEW FEATURE Toner replacement report.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy scan to SharePoint - option to browse subfolders (to select final destination).

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from local and network folder.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from Google Drive.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from SharePoint.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from OneDrive for business.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy print from OneDrive.

  • Web UI performance of Jobs page improved in case of big amount of jobs.

  • NEW FEATURE Azure AD user synchronization via MS GRAPH API.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy Print (requires embedded terminal 10.1+).

  • NEW FEATURE Added option to edit filename of scanned document (enabled in Easy scan action).

  • MyQ X Mobile Client settings improved (possible to use hostname and port of Print Server or custom settings).

  • Gmail External system - possible to re-add External system using same id and key.

  • Traefik updated.

  • OpenSSL updated.

  • Security improved.

  • Replacing expired Certificate of PM Server.

  • Renamed "SPS/SJM" log subsystem to "MDC".

  • Added "Edit Columns" action in the Tools menu in the Credit Statements.

  • NEW FEATURE New report 'Project - User Session details'.

  • Simplified dialog for reprinting jobs in Web UI > Jobs.

  • User synchronization - invalid syntax of PIN of one user won't interrupt the whole synchronization.

  • License error notification emails is sent after 3 failed connection attempt instead of first one.

  • When removing user's rights for project, delete this project from all user's jobs.

  • Project assignment to the existing print jobs when enabling/disabling Project accounting.

  • Deleting specific project - project assignment is removed from jobs using this deleted project.

  • Changed some System health check messages to be more clear.

  • Gmail and MS Exchange Online - possible to use different email accounts for send and receive emails.

  • Print jobs encryption.

  • User Synchronization - removed spaces in the email field before import (email with spaces is considered invalid).

  • Performance of Health checks improved.

  • Performance of Web UI improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy scan to Google Drive - option to select root folder and browse subfolders.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy scan to OneDrive and OneDrive for business - option to browse subfolders (to select final destination).

  • NEW FEATURE Easy scan to folder - option to browse subfolders (to select final destination).

  • Increase character limit of Printer Event actions email body and subject.

  • Possible to specify port range for FTP communication in Network settings.

  • Create relation between new and old accounting table in the DB for External Reports.

  • NEW FEATURE Jobs and Log database encryption.

  • Errors/Alerts of Easy Config (i.e. Embedded terminal services not running) are registered by System Health Check.

  • NEW FEATURE Job preview for Embedded terminals and Mobile application.

  • Easy Config's setting and database tab performance improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Toner replacement monitoring report.

  • NEW FEATURE Mixed size parameter for Easy copy is supported..

  • NEW FEATURE Option to use device's serial number as device admin password.

  • Server performance improved after importing large number of users.

  • System Maintenance error after upgrade - recalculate indicies individual table and log individual problems.

  • Adding terminal package - Added note, that newly added terminal will run under localsystem account even MyQ services are running under defined user account.

  • NEW FEATURE Added option to always display job price.

  • MAKO (job parser) updated.

  • NEW FEATURE 3 levels of Job Parser settings.

  • NEW FEATURE Sign in with Microsoft to Web UI.

  • NEW FEATURE Added "Print grayscale with black toner" switch to queue setting.


  • New dashboard default layout.

  • Self signed MyQ CA certificate is valid for 730 days (because of MDC for Mac).

  • External systems UI moved and renamed to Connections.

  • AWS - Moved bucket and region configuration from scan profile destination to Cloud service definition.

  • Hide Job receiving tab for Easy Print, Web and Email queues.

  • Quick setup - Removed step Queues.

  • New built-in queue for Easy Print.

  • Possible to move job to another queue in Web UI > Jobs.

  • User properties - renamed "User's scan storage" to "User's storage".

  • Removed information about MyQ version from MyQ Web UI login screen.

  • Remove toner related columns from database Printers table (moved to supply table).

  • VC++ runtime updated.

  • Renamed Smart job manager firewall rule to "MyQ Desktop Client".

  • Job actions in Web UI - Renamed "Push to print queue" action in Jobs menu to "Resume".

  • Projects - User can login to terminal when user has no project assigned.

  • OCR formats using Abby engine deleted after upgrading to OCR Server v3+ (supported formats are PDF, PDF/A, TXT).

  • Maximum upload file size separated for Jobs (moved to Settings > Jobs > Jobs via Web) and other (i.e. uploading terminal package).

  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENT .NET6 is required.

  • System users are hidden in Web UI (except option to set *admin as email recipient).

  • Empty groups with active rules are not automatically deleted during user synchronization.

Bug Fixes

  • Built-in Certificate Authority generate from PS not working on macOS.

  • MyQ-generated server certificate is not accepted by Canon.

  • Printing on Toshiba printer via edited job properties does not print correctly.

  • Printing on Sharp - document is printed with short edge binding when it's set long edge.

  • User CSV export/import does not reflect multiple Cost Centers.

  • Codebooks - when searching value by "Code", no result is found.

  • Upgrade of terminal package activates/installs even deactivated printers.

  • LDAP User Synchronization - switching tab without server/username/pwd filled causes web server error.

  • Space in user name causes failure to upload the scanned file to OneDrive Business.

  • Error when scanning with ProjectId=0.

  • HW Code contains same hash for CPU and UUID.

  • Printing on Sharp - document is printed with short edge binding when it's set long edge.

  • Database upgrade could fail in some cases.

  • Log highlights are not exported to Data for support.

  • Scan via SMTP - Scan does not arrive when Printer is saved under Hostname.

  • LPR Server stops accepting print jobs.

  • "Service MyQ_XXX not running" is falsely reported right after services have started.

  • System management - Maximum upload file setting is present.

  • Possible to save invalid value (null) in database, when enabling jobs via email (OAuth) causing web server error.

  • Duplicated login prompt for user login of MDC, when job is paused and projects enabled.

  • Release blocked credit in user's detail does not work.

  • Print server crash when database is unreachable during job accounting.

  • Web UI - Columns in sidebar grids behave inconsistently.

  • Easy config health checks exceeded the timeout of 10 seconds.

  • Parsing of specific PDF document failed (document trailer not found).

  • Counters history is never successfully replicated when printer has no MAC address.

  • Refreshing filtered (some timeframe) Log causes Web server error.

  • Terminal actions - Code Book parameter's Default value is removed after change of a field or 2nd save.

  • Renaming a project does not affect print jobs that have already been printed with this project.

  • Delete operation is inconsistent in MyQ web UI.

  • MS Exchange Address Book connection does not work.

  • Missing translation of Job rejection reason 1009.

  • Log export to Excel: accented characters are corrupted.

  • HP package health check error "Package data is not available" right after installation.

  • DB upgrade could fail in some cases when upgrading 10.0 Beta to 10.0 RC1 and RC2.

  • Job roaming - Issue downloading larger job files to other sites.

  • Report preview fails with any language other than English.

  • Offline login - Synchronized data not invalidated after PIN/card deletion.

  • Using LDAP server with auto-discovery causes Web server error when adding user synchronization.

  • In some cases System health check fails (Failed to create COM object `Scripting.FileSystemObject').

  • System health check takes too long in some cases and may time out.

  • Second level context menu is too transparent in Edge/Chrome browser.

  • Cost Centers: Quota account is not reported when the same user is logged in into two devices using the same quota account.

  • Adding support license deactivates licenses for a brief time.

  • Upgrade from 8.2 - Database upgrade fails if database is encrypted.

  • Job scripting - queue policies are not applied when MoveToQueue method is used.

  • Adding MS Exchange SMTP Server in Network settings causes error.

  • Wrongly displayed Color settings of job on terminal for B&W document uploaded via Web UI.

  • Running print discovery immediately again causes Web server error.

  • DB encryption of larger DB - statusbar hangs and does not finish.

  • Services may not start after silent upgrade in some cases.

  • Apache is not reconfigured when hostname is changed.

  • Terminal uninstallation - Recent jobs (last 1 minute) are accounted once more to *unauthenticated user.

  • Widgets - Graphs are disproportional.

  • "Revert force mono/Force mono" of job displayed on terminals in Color option instead of BW/Color.

  • Printer Events > Toner Status Monitor event - history is missing status of each toner.

  • Printer properties - Password can be only 16 characters (conf profile accept up to 64 chars).

  • Easy Config crashes on Open file dialog for db restore location when link with location was opened prior to restore.

  • Health checks are spamming the log when they're not resolved.

  • Web Printing - color selection displays incorrect options.

  • Terminal Actions - External Workflow - URL is empty when action is reopened.

  • Reports - aggregate column's Average operation is not working (shows sum).

  • Replication stops working after Site is restored from DB backup.

  • Mopria print is not working.

  • Error when adding column in User group membership Report.

  • Column “Personal number” can be added 2 times in Projects per user report.

  • Reports - Incorrect error message when file with logo was deleted.

  • Log Notifier - Rule text in e-mail multiplied.

  • Reports - Row summary “Sum” for countless fields is available.

  • Reports - Different results for Auto Align of columns of same type (left or right).

  • Reports with job privacy - different results in report preview and fully generated report.
    Note that summary reports of jobs and printers only shows jobs owned by the user.

  • Epson Easy Scan with OCR fails.

  • Printer activation successful but with logged message "Printer registration failed with code #2:".

  • Parsing of specific job could fail.

  • It’s possible to add one element several times in autocomplete box.

  • Quota - print job (bw+color pages) allowed when Color + Mono quotas are monitored and only bw or color quota is remaining.

  • Easy Config - incomplete Network path for DB backup folder when path is set in Task Scheduler.

Device Certification

  • Added support for KonicaMinolta bizhub 3301P, bizhub 4422.

Component Versions

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Apache SSL

Server SSL




C++ Runtimes



MyQ Print Server 10.1

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages can require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0


MyQ Print Server 10.1 RC2

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages can require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17)


MyQ Print Server 10.1 RC

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages can require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17)


MyQ Print Server 10.1 Beta 3

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages can require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17)


MyQ Print Server 10.1 Beta 2

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages can require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17)


MyQ Print Server 10.1 Beta

.NET 4.7.2 Full Version or higher
Printer Packages can require higher version

.NET 6.0.5

32 Bits JAVA runtime version 8 or higher







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17)