Scanned documents can be sent to a folder defined on an FTP server.

FTP destination settings

Setting the connection in the Parameters section:

  • Server: Enter the IP address or hostname of the FTP server

  • Port: Enter the port used for the FTP protocol, the default port is 21

  • Use SSL: Select if you want to use secure communication

  • User: Name of the user with an account on the server

  • Password: The user's password

  • Destination folder: You can specify the subfolder where the outgoing scan files will be stored (optional).

You can use the following parameters when defining the destination folder:

  • %username%: User name of the user session owner

  • %fullname%: Full name of the user session owner

  • %date%: Date and time when the scan was taken

  • %originalSubject%: The default subject set on the printing device

  • %ipaddress%: IP address of the printing device

  • %scanId%: Unique scan identification number generated on the MyQ server

After you fill the required parameters, you can click Test to test the FTP connection. MyQ tries to upload a dummy file named rightsCheck.dat to the defined destination folder under the defined user name and password, and informs you about the result.