In this section, you can associate the queue with one or multiple network folders where print jobs are stored.

If the folder is password protected, MyQ will use the credentials of the account MyQ service is running under.

The MyQ server will regularly monitor the network folder for new files. If there is new job in the folder, the MyQ server checks if it is supported for printing. Supported files will be downloaded and deleted from the folder, unsupported files will be deleted. The operation is logged in the MyQ log ("job 123.prn was downloaded from \\serverXYZ\folder1", "job 123.cpr was deleted from \\serverXYZ\folder1, file type is not supported").

  • Directly supported files: .prn, .pcl, .ps, .eps, .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .png, .txt

  • MS Office files are supported, but they are converted to PDF: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .ods, .odp

Only the following user detection methods can be used: Job sender, Detect user from the job name, User detection from PJL.

Click +Add next to Hot folder and type the folder path.