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Database Setup

Within the installation of the MyQ Central Server, you can either use the Embedded (Firebird) database, or later set up a connection to your own MS SQL Server.

If you select to use the Embedded database, you can still choose between both options afterwards, while if you install the MyQ server without it, you have to use the MS SQL Server.

Unless you have already been using an MS SQL server within your company and want to connect MyQ to your MS SQL database, it is recommended to install and employ the Embedded Database.

Embedded Database Configuration

As the Embedded Database is fully integrated with the MyQ server, it does not require any further configuration.

MS SQL Server Configuration

To enable a connection to an MS SQL server, you need to make sure that the following options are set on there:

  • Authentication has to be set to the MS SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.

  • A user account with the public fixed server role for access to the MS SQL Server; a user account with the dbcreator fixed server role, for creating the MyQ database. The default language of the user who creates the database must be set to English (US).

  • On MS SQL Server 2016 and older, the common language runtime (CLR) integration feature has to be enabled.

  • TCP/IP protocol has to be enabled and the IPAll TCP Port has to be set to 1433.

  • A TCP 1433 port inbound rule has to be created in the Firewall.

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