Azure Active Directory with Microsoft Graph is a service accessed from the Microsoft Azure Portal, where it has to be enabled and configured.

Once the Azure connection is established, go to MyQ, Settings, User Synchronization.

  1. Click Add, and then click Add MS Azure source.

    Adding an MS Azure sync source
  2. In the Azure synchronization properties panel to the right, in the General tab, if you have already set up an Azure connection, the Azure server is already in the Authentication Server field. Otherwise, click Add new and set up an Azure connection.

    Azure sync general tab
  3. Click Save.

  4. In the Users tab:

    Azure sync users tab
    1. You can map user information from Azure to the credentials in MyQ.

    2. If you plan to authenticate users towards Azure using Active Directory credentials and use the Microsoft single sign-on option, select the Use as authentication server option and click Save.

  5. In the Groups tab, you can select what Active Directory groups you want to remove from synchronization using the Ignore groups and Ignore groups containing string fields.

Users can be now synchronized by selecting your Azure source from the list and clicking Synchronize now.

Synchronize button in the User sync settings tab