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Release Notes

MyQ Central Server 10.1

  • Minimum required support date: 1st of February 2023

  • Minimum required version for upgrade: 8.2

What’s new in 10.1

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  • The Updates widget was added on the admin's Dashboard. When a new version of MyQ Central Server is released, administrators will see a notification in the MyQ Web Interface.

  • Azure AD user synchronization via MS GRAPH API.

  • Central-Site communication to virtual cloud without VPN.

  • Possible to enable Delete ID cards functionality in config.ini.

  • Added banner for expired or soon to be expired assurance (perpetual license only).

  • BI tools - new database views for Session and Job environmental impact.

  • Database views - added new view for Printer events and Toner Replacements.

  • Added printer pages for last 30 days widget.

  • High contrast UI theme for improved accessibility.

  • New default red theme.

  • Toner replacement report.

  • New report Project - User Session details.

  • Improved certificate management (same as on the Print Server).

  • Log database encryption.

  • Sites page - option to filter sites with issue.

  • Replication of data for toner replacement monitoring report.

10.1 (patch 4)

14 December, 2023


  • List of characters allowed to be used in project code expanded. LIMITATION Upgrade to this patch is required for the replication of projects from Sites to work correctly if any of the new characters is used.

  • New permission Delete Cards added, allowing to give users or user groups option to be able to delete ID cards without them having access to other user management features.

  • Added report "Servers - User Rights" that groups data per server name.

  • Apache updated to version 2.4.58.

  • OpenSSL updated to version 3.0.12.

  • CURL upgraded to 8.4.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Checking uniqueness of user group names is not working properly.

  • Custom Help widget not displayed for users and cannot be added.

  • Delete Cards functionality is causing a Web Server Error on the Web Interface.

  • Is it possible to add the same column multiple times on the Sites page.

  • Replication of data can end with warning "Dependency not found" in some cases, causing differences in reports on Site Server and Central Server.

  • User with rights to edit Scheduled report cannot select attachment file format other than PDF.

  • Creating a PDF report may fail if a job containing some special characters is present.

  • Error "-901 Implementation limit exceeded Too many values" can occur during replications to the Central Server, potentially due to a rare device-related error causing wrong user session data reported to the Site.

10.1 (patch 3)

19 October, 2023


  • Optimizations of Azure AD synchronization via Microsoft Graph API connector that should prevent slowdowns and skipping users.

  • OpenSSL updated to version 3.0.11.

  • Firebird updated to version 3.0.11.

  • HTTPS is used for external links from the Web Interface.

  • PHP updated to version 8.0.30.

  • Added option to exclude specific user(s) from Reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Not possible to add groups to Sites user synchronization.

  • Toner level information is missing on Printers page after upgrade from previous versions.

  • Hiding the Price List column in Printers page causes fail to load Printers page with Web Server Error.

  • Printer's toner level could be displayed incorrectly in some cases, when printer was on Site with lower version that Central.

  • Synchronized users who are members of groups with identical names to MyQ built-in groups in the source, are wrongly assigned to these built-in groups due to conflicting names.

  • In Job privacy mode, user running a report is excluded when Exclude filter is not used.

  • Upgrade could fail in some cases (with error violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "PK_ACE" on table "ACE").

  • Users could lose some Cost Center assignments after user synchronization from Azure AD and LDAP.

  • In some cases, Central upgrade fails with the error "No user specified".

  • In Job privacy mode, Administrators and users with Manage reports rights can see only their own data in all reports, resulting in the inability to generate organization-wide reports for group accounting, projects, printers, and maintenance data.

  • Easy Config is missing Chinese languages.

  • Report period parameter accepts negative value.

  • Login to Central Server's Web Interface fails if the username contains an apostrophe.

  • Some groups reports are not possible to save when only Accounting group filter is set with error "User may not be empty".

  • Connection for Exchange Online expires due to inactivity and is not refreshed in spite of the system being actively used.

  • Two groups with identical names are indistinguishable in reports.

  • Database creation could fail in some cases on SQL Server 2022.

  • Change of users' Accounting Group is not propagated to Site server.

  • Delegates inherited from groups are wrongly displayed.

10.1 (patch 2)

17 July, 2023


  • Domain credentials were stored in plain text in PHP session files, now fixed.

  • Added missing security attribute for encrypted session cookie (CWE-614).


  • NEW FEATURE The "Updates" widget was added on the admin's Dashboard. When a new version of MyQ Central Server is released, administrators will see a notification in the MyQ Web Interface.

  • PHP updated to version 8.0.29.

  • Apache updated to version 2.4.57.

  • The possibility to export users only from selected group(s) into CSV was added.

  • Certificates in PHP updated.

  • Purchased Assurance Plan is displayed on the Dashboard of the MyQ Web Interface.

  • Added unique session identifiers to replication data to prevent differences in accounting data between Sites and Central. Site Server 10.1 (patch 3) is recommended for full utilization of this improvement.

  • Accessing Web UI over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS (except when accessing localhost).

Bug Fixes

  • User synchronization from Azure AD with more than 20 user groups won't finish successfully.

  • It is not possible to save addresses for site's clients IP range higher than when using MSSQL database.

  • Some rows could be skipped during replication on a Site that had active user sessions, causing inconsistencies in reports.

  • Upgraded version of the site is not updated on Central Server, which can cause issues with replications.

  • Email that cannot be sent blocks all other emails from being sent.

  • User selection boxes sometimes do not show built-in groups ("All users", "Managers", "Unclassified" options).

  • Some columns of some reports were showing no value.

  • User synchronization - LDAP export to CSV after successful import is not working, causing Web Server Error.

  • Aliases are incorrectly escaped in exported users CSV file.

  • Firebird temporary folder size could grow during large replication.

  • History deletion cannot delete old jobs from table Jobs in some cases because of foreign key.

  • System maintenance's Database sweeping could not be started when Print Server is installed on same server as Central Server.

10.1 (patch 1)

3 April, 2023


  • Apache updated to version 2.4.56.

  • OpenSSL updated to version 1.1.1t.

  • PHP updated to version 8.0.28.

Bug Fixes

  • History deletion does not remove counter history data in some cases, preventing "System maintenance > Data deletion" from removing old printers.

  • Migration of Central Server causes Audit log warning and not creating Audit log record when creating or modifying users.

  • Empty printer groups are deleted from replication log preventing replication from finishing successfully.

10.1 RTM

3 March, 2023


  • NEW FEATURE Possible to enable Delete ID cards functionality in config.ini.

  • Used Google sign-in branding for Google connectors.

  • Unified naming of Azure connection/auth server/sync source to Azure AD.

Bug Fixes

  • Report Printers - Monthly Summary - Does not show values for Total Copies/Prints.

  • Opening a user with delegates inherited from a group causes Web Server Error.

10.1 RC2

15 February, 2023


  • Fixed issue where any user could export users by using URL.


  • Apache updated.

  • Possible to install MyQ Central Server and Site Server on one server (smaller installation).


  • Search field in Audit log removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Not possible to switch database from SQL to embedded database (Firebird).

  • Credit statement - sorting by column and paging is not working.

  • Easy Config - Security contains Encryption for Scan Jobs.

  • Difference in Reports values between Central Server and Site in some cases.

  • Sites tab cannot be opened (timeout) after upgrade in some cases.

  • Error while Central Server tries to save big log message (SQL database).

  • Counters in Reports do not match on central after site replication in some rare cases.

  • Audit log export fails with an error.

10.1 RC


  • PHP updated.

  • Automatically prefilled the OAuth user in Email settings taken from Connection settings.

  • Network - Connections - Added additional information columns (Connected account and Details).

  • Database views - Added Single color copy to Fact Session counters view.

  • Security improved.


Bug Fixes

  • Full text search in MSSQL is not accent-insensitive.

  • Printers tab could cause Web Server Error is some cases after upgrade from 7.1.

  • Replication - Data could be replicated all over again in some cases.

  • Report Users - Monthly Summary shows no values for extra user properties (note, code, phone, email).

  • Possible to save deleted SMTP connection which was deleted before saving SMTP settings.

  • Report Project groups - Total summary wrongly contains user-related columns.

10.1 BETA3


  • Simplified adding new reports.

  • Improved debug logging for SMTP server with OAuth login.

  • Firebird updated.

  • Added support for MyQ Desktop Client, where it is possible to obtain Site Server IP/hostname from Central Server based on IP range (requires MDC WIN 8.2 (Patch 15)+ or 10.0 RTM+).

  • OpenSSL updated.

  • NEW FEATURE Added banner for expired or to be expired assurance (perpetual license only).

  • NEW FEATURE DB views - Added new view for Printer events.

  • NEW FEATURE DB views - Added new view for Toner replacements.

  • DB views - Added new view FACT_PRINTERJOB_COUNTERS_V3.

  • DB views - Added more information to DIM_USER and DIM_PRINTER.

  • Added option to set custom MyQ CA certificate validity period (in config.ini).

  • NEW FEATURE BI tools - New database views for Session and Job environmental impact.


  • PHP upgraded to version 8.0.

  • SMPT Settings separated for Gmail and MS Exchange Online.

  • Users with credit history cannot be permanently deleted.

Bug Fixes

  • Login is taking too long when Environmental widget is on Dashboard.

  • Reports "General- Monthly Statistic/Weekly Statistics" - values for same week/month of different year is merged to one value.

  • Unable to start Print Server if Email refresh token is missing.

  • Not possible to add IP range for Sites/Clients tab (Firebird).

  • Cannot generate Support data in some cases after upgrade from previous versions.

  • Invalid warning message in Easy Config, when Services are running under different account and other user (admin) launches Easy Config.

10.1 BETA2



  • User's credit history is deleted with History deletion.

  • Possible to set how long to keep Audit log records (System Management > History) instead of deleting it with Log records.

  • Reports in PDF do not contain seconds in time (other formats has time including seconds).

  • Quick setup guide widget is collapsed when all steps are Done with option to remove this widget.

  • Simplified adding External Connection of Gmail.

  • Easy Config UI change to match Red theme of Print Server UI.

Bug Fixes

  • User synchronization to site server could fail when group name contains half-width and full-width characters.

  • Scheduled tasks for System maintenance and History deletion ends with error.

  • Replication of counter history could end with error "Problematic key value is (PRINTER_ID = 1)".

  • Database upgrade failed in some cases.

  • Cannot delete user group on first attempt in some cases.

  • License page is not refreshed after the license has been inserted.

  • Printer Groups are incorrectly matched in case of ID conflict with another sites.

10.1 BETA


  • NEW FEATURE Added banner for expired or to be expired assurance (perpetual license only).

  • Added digital signature to EasyConfigCmd.exe and MyQDataMigrator.exe.

  • NEW FEATURE High contrast UI theme for improved accessibility.

  • Server Health Checks UI improved.

  • NEW FEATURE New default red theme.

  • License error notification emails is sent after 3 failed connection attempts instead of first one.

  • NEW FEATURE Toner replacement report.

  • NEW FEATURE New report 'Project - User Session details'.

  • Performance of Health checks improved.

  • Apache updated.

  • PHP updated.

  • Gmail External system - possible to re-add External system using same id and key.

  • Indexing of database optimized.

  • OpenSSL updated.

  • Security improved.

  • Performance of Web UI improved.

  • User synchronization - invalid syntax of PIN of one user won't interrupt whole synchronization.

  • NEW FEATURE Improved certificate management (same as on Print Server).

  • User Synchronization - removed spaces in the email field before import (email with spaces is considered invalid).

  • NEW FEATURE Log database encryption.

  • NEW FEATURE Sites page - option to filter sites with issue.

  • NEW FEATURE Replication of data for toner replacement monitoring report.

  • New Firebird database is created faster (sped up upgrade).

  • NEW FEATURE Azure AD user synchronization via MS GRAPH API.

  • Synchronize group's delegates to Site servers.


  • Default layout of Dashboard changed.

  • External systems UI moved and renamed to Connections.

  • System users are hidden in Web UI (except option to set *admin as email recipient).

  • Empty groups with active rules are not automatically deleted during user synchronization.

Bug Fixes

  • User CSV export/import does not reflect multiple Cost Centers.

  • Easy config health checks exceeded the timeout of 10 seconds.

  • LDAP User Synchronization - switching tab without server/username/password filled causes web server error.

  • Not able to load Jobs tab (in Web UI) if there are millions of jobs.

  • Log highlights not exported to Data for support.

  • Missing translations for job rejection reasons.

  • Cannot synchronize subgroups as user's delegate to site servers.

  • Logged Easy Config errors during installation (MS SQL database).

  • Replication is stuck on sorting in some cases.

  • Retry failed replications is not available when only counters history replications failed.

  • Task Scheduler System health check - frequency set to x minutes - Scheduler runs always every 10 minutes.

  • Page layout of Sites - missing header of filters (left part of page).

  • Reports: Printers - Meter reading via SNMP could be missing some printers even when data are replicated from Site Server.

  • Installation's "Start services after finish" option is ignored.

  • System health check takes too long in some cases and may time out.

  • Random error Task "API RPC Server connection" threw a std::exception.

  • User sessions deletion could fails - FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_PRINTJOB_JOB".

  • Replication log missing IDs.

  • Credit Statement tab missing in menu after Credit is enabled.

  • REST API - response returns existing object instead 422 Not Found in some cases.

  • Reports - aggregate column's Average operation is not working (shows sum).

  • PIN generated by user is not send by email.

  • Upon first replication only part of the data are Replicated.

  • Services cannot start after upgrade using silent installation.

  • Temporary database folder is not cleaned after database restore/migration.

  • Error during addition column in User group membership Report.

  • Reports - Incorrect error message when file with logo was deleted.

  • Log Notifier - Rule text in e-mail multiplied.

  • Reports - Row summary “Sum” for countless fields is available.

  • Reports - Different results for Auto Align of columns of same type (left or right).

  • Web Server Error when LDAP synchronization users tab opened in some cases.

  • It’s possible to add one element several times in autocomplete box.

  • Sites are not able to download/refresh licenses if internal license limit is exceeded.

  • Empty group for user synchronization causes Foreign key violation error.

Component Versions

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Apache SSL

Server SSL




C++ Runtimes

MyQ Central Server 10.1 (patch 4)







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 (patch 3)







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 (patch 2)







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 (patch 1)







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 RTM







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 RC2







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 RC







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 Beta 3







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 Beta 2







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

MyQ Central Server 10.1 Beta







VC++ 2015-2022 (vc17) - 14.32.31326.0

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