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Scan to Email

Scans are sent to the email address specified here.

Scan to Email settings

In the Parameters section, in the Recipient text box, you need to define the email recipient (or recipients).

In addition, you can add recipients of a copy in the Copy text box, recipients of a blind copy in the Blind copy text box, the subject of the email in the Subject text box, and the body of the email in the Message text box.

From MyQ server 10.0+ the %empty% parameter can be used in the Subject and Message text boxes. If used, the subject and/or the body of the email are left empty.

The text boxes under can contain the following parameters: %username%, %fullname%, %date%, %originalSubject%, %ipaddress%, %usernotes%, %printerName%, %location%, %serialNumber%, %assetNo%, %printerContact%, %empty%.

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