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ID Card Management

In the User Authentication settings tab, in the Cards section, there are the following ID Card management options:

  • Enable registration of multiple cards - This is enabled by default. If disabled, when a new card is registered, the current cards are deleted.

  • Register cards as temporary - If this is enabled, ID cards can be registered as temporary.

    • Validity of temporary cards - Set the duration of the temporary cards validity in hours.

  • Card code transformation - This transformation is used by Embedded terminals (with USB readers connected directly to the device) and by the reader for a HW terminal that is connected, usually, as a primary reader.

  • USB reader transformation - Check the box to apply the transformation to card readers connected to a PC USB slot. These card readers are usually used to recharge credit or to associate cards with user accounts.

User Authentication settings tab - Cards

Adding cards manually is not possible when cards are synchronized from an LDAP source. The manually added cards will be deleted during the next LDAP synchronization, and overwritten by the cards from the LDAP source.

Adding multiple cards via the LDAP synchronization is supported.

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