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IPPS via Linux

To add IPPS printing via Linux:

  • Set up a CUPS service in order to add a printer.

  • Add a printer with the MyQ Print Server hostname.

  • In the New Printer window, click Enter URl. Type the device URL in the Enter device URl field, in the https://{hostname}:{port}/queue/{queue-name} format.

  • Click Forward.

  • In the Choose Driver pane, mark Select printer from database, and then select Generic.

  • Click Forward.

  • In the next window, under Choose Driver, select IPP Everywhere. Although the selection option says IPP, this protocol is used for IPPS spooling.

Choosing the IPP Everywhere driver
  • Click Forward.

  • Enter the name of the printer.

  • Click Finish.

IPPS Authentication is not used (job is assigned according to username).

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