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Assigning projects in MyQ Desktop Client

This option is available on computers with either Windows or macOS. It requires the MyQ Desktop Client application running on the computer where the print job is sent from.

MyQ Desktop Client is running in the background and, unless Project accounting or any other features of the application are active for the logged user, all print jobs are sent to MyQ without any intervention. Once the user has rights to more than one projects, all the jobs that they send are paused and the MyQ Desktop Client pop-up window opens to offer the available projects to the user. If only one project is available to the user, it is automatically assigned, and the job is sent to the server.

The user can assign the job to an available project and print within that project. If printing without a project is allowed in MyQ, the user can select the No project option; otherwise they have to select one of the available projects. If there are more jobs waiting in the queue, the user can check the ones to be printed to a particular project and jobs for another project can be printed in the next step.

For information about MyQ Desktop Client, including installation, setup, and optional features of the application, see the MyQ Desktop Client for Windows or macOS manuals.

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