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Setting up the CASHNet payment option

Set up the eMarket store on the CASHNet Web User Interface

  1. Log in to the CASHNet Web User Interface.

  2. Open the Store Setup tab.

    CASHNet store setup
  3. On the tab, click the dark blue button with the text Click here to use new eMarket store setup for Storefronts&Checkouts. The eMarket store setup page opens.

    eMarket setup button
  4. On the page, double-click the Checkout store button to open its setup page.

    Opening the Checkout store setup
  5. On the Checkout setup page, under End of transaction behavior, configure the following options:

    1. Show receipt page: disable

    2. Use redirect URL(s): enable

    3. Redirect URL for successful transactions & successful online post responses: leave empty

    4. Redirect URL for unsuccessful transactions or non-responsive online post attempts: leave empty

    5. Append data to the redirect URL: set to Yes, and redirect using HTTP post

End of transaction behavior settings

You can now leave the CASHNet Web User Interface.

Set up the CASHNet payment option on the MyQ Web Interface

  1. Open the Credit settings tab (MyQ, Settings, Credit).

  2. On the tab, under Payment providers, double-click the CASHNet payment provider (or right-click the CASHNet payment provider, and then click Edit on the shortcut menu). The CASHNet properties panel opens on the right side of the tab.

  3. The value of the Currency setting corresponds to the currency set on the General settings tab of the MyQ Web Interface.

  4. Type the Minimal amount that users will have to pay when they buy credit.

    Currency and minimal amount
  5. Enter the Merchant name, Station, Store URL, and Item Code of the Checkout store, and then click Save.

    CASHNet properties

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