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On the Rights settings tab, you can provide users or groups of users with administrator rights or provide them with rights to run one or more of the MyQ agendas: they can perform actions, change settings or see information that are inaccessible under a standard user account. On the tab, you can add users or groups and provide them with the rights.

Rights settings tab

On the toolbar at the top, you can:

  • Add user - add a new user or group with assigned rights.

  • Edit - edit an existing user or group with assigned rights.

  • Delete - delete a user or group with assigned rights.

  • Refresh - refresh the list of users and groups.

  • Search - search for a user or group with assigned rights. You can either use user names or rights for filtering your search results.

If the server is used as a Site server, user rights are managed by the Central server. The rights are visible in the Site server’s Rights settings, but are non-editable.

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