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Adding and editing SNMP v3 profiles

The SNMP v3 protocol contains additional elements of security, such as authentication and encryption. Each of these elements is set on the printing device and needs to be accordingly set in MyQ.

To add a new SNMP v3 profile:

  1. On the MyQ Web Interface, open the SNMP settings tab. (MyQ, Settings, SNMP).

  2. On the bar at the top of the SNMP tab, click +Add SNMP profile, and then click +SNMP v3 on the shortcut menu. The new SNMP profile's properties panel opens on the right side of screen.

  3. On the panel, enter the name of the profile, set the parameters, and then click Save. The new profile is displayed on the list on the SNMP tab.

To open and edit a SNMP v3 profile:

  1. To open the SNMP profile properties panel, select the profile on the SNMP settings tab, and then click Edit (or right-click on the profile, and then click Edit on the shortcut menu). The properties panel opens on the right side of the screen.

  2. On the SNMP profile properties panel, you can change the profile's name, set its authentication parameters, its privacy parameters and eventually enter a context name. The values of all of the parameters have to match the values that are set on the printer's Web User Interface.

  3. Click Save to submit and store the changes.

SNMP v3 properties

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