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Printer policies

Printer policies settings

To open a printer policy properties panel, double-click the printer policy on the Policies settings tab, under Printer policies.

Each printer policy panel is divided into three sections:

  • In the uppermost section, you can enable or disable the policy, select the Users and Groups of users that it will apply to, select the Printers that it will apply to, and write the policy description.

  • In the Allowed Actions section, you can restrict access to particular operations on the selected printing devices. The available operations are:

    • Print

    • Copy

    • Full color copy

    • Scan

    • Fax

  • In the Other policies section, you can provide users with administrator access to printing devices via the embedded terminal menu. For some devices, this option is not supported.

Default printer policy

The Default policy applies to all users, all printers, has no restrictions and gives users User access to embedded terminals. Except for its name and scope (It applies to all users and all printers), all settings of this policy can be changed.

You can restore the Default policy default settings by clicking Restore defaults on the top-left corner of its panel.

Default printer policy properties

Adding new printer policies

  1. On the bar at the top of the Policies setting tab, click +Add, and then click +Add printer policy. The new policy properties panel opens on the right side of screen.

  2. On the panel, select the users or group of users that the policy will apply to, optionally write a description of the policy, change its settings, and then click Save. The new policy appears on the Policies settings tab, under Printer policy.

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