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Adding/removing users from groups

To add a user to a group on the user properties panel, in the Groups tab:

  1. On the bar at the top of the Groups tab, click +Add. The Select group dialog box appears.

    Adding a new group on the user's properties panel
  2. In the Select group dialog box, select the groups where you want to add the user to.

    Selecting a group for a user
  3. Click OK.

A user can also be added to a group on the Users main tab using drag and drop. Drag the user and drop it on the group icon on the groups tab on the left side of the screen.

Default group and Group manager options

On the bar at the top of the Groups tab, you can see two options: Accounting and Manager.

The Accounting group is the group where the user is counted in reports (see Reports) and it is set to every user by default.

If you make a user the Manager of a certain group, the user can see jobs and reports of all the users from the group. If this group contains subgroups, the user inherits the Manager role also for all these subgroups. To make the user a manager of a group, select the group and click Manager.

To remove a user from a group:

On the bar at the top of the Groups tab, click –Remove. The group disappears from the Groups tab.

To remove selected users from a group on the Users main tab, select the group there, select the users that you want to remove, click Actions, and then click Remove from group in the Actions drop-down box.

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